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Linus Torvalds

Software Engineer
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Net worth 2018: $150 Million
Industry: Engineers
Residence: Helsinki
BirthDay: 28 December 1969
Sigh: Capricorn
Height: 1.77 m
Education: University of Helsinki

Linus Torvalds was bornon 28 December 1969 in Helsinki, Finnish, American, is Software Engineer. Named by Time magazine as the ‘one of the most influential people in the world’, Linus Torvalds is the creative genius behind the Linux kernel operating system. He wrote it as a part of his Master’s thesis titled, ‘Linux: A Portable Operating System' at the young age of 21. Listed in The Britannica Guide's 'The 100 Most Influential Inventors of All Time', he is also listed 17th on the Time magazines poll of ‘Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century'. He is one of the world’s most renowned software programmers, who revolutionised the computer industry. He even has an asteroid and an asteroid moon named after him. He is the owner of the Linux trademark and is one of the highest authorities who decide the incorporation of new codes. He has a total of 35 applied and granted patents internationally. He served as one of the chief architects of the Linux kernel operating system and currently works as the main coordinator of the project. He has authored a memoir titled, ‘Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary'.


$150 Million


In 2012, he stated that his contribution to the Linux kernel mostly involved merging codes that were already written by others and did not involve much programming


In 2010, he became a citizen of the United States of America


By 2006, about two per cent of the Linux kernel was written by him, which was a significant contribution


In June 2004, along with his family, he relocated to Beaverton, Oregon, where Open Source Development Labs was headquartered


In 1999, he was offered stock options for his creation by the companies, Red Hat and VA Linux


From 1997 to 1999, he worked on the '86open' project, which is a binary file format for the ‘Unix’ and Unix-like operating systems


In 1996, he went on a visit to the technology firm, ‘Transmeta’, where he began to work from the following year


He is the founder and the creator of the new operating system ‘Linux’, which was released in 1991


In 1990, he went back to university to continue his studies


Between 1988 and 1996, he studied at the University of Helsinki, from where he obtained a master’s degree in computer science

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