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Leonhard Euler

Mathematician, Physicist
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Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Basel
BirthDay: 15 April 1707
Sigh: Taurus
Died On: September 18, 1783
Education: University of Basel

Leonhard Euler was bornon 15 April 1707 in Basel, Swiss, Russian, is Mathematician, Physicist. Leonhard Euler, the 18th century Swiss mathematician and physicist is considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time for the tremendous contributions he made to the field of pure mathematics. Many concepts of modern mathematics originated from the works of this eminent mathematician whose works also spanned the fields of mechanics, fluid dynamics, optics and astronomy. Euler’s interest in mathematics stemmed from his childhood when his father would teach him the subject. As luck would have it, Johann Bernoulli, Europe’s foremost mathematician of his time, was a friend of Leonhard’s father and the influence of this great mathematician on the young Leonhard was immense. Euler’s father wanted to prepare him for a career in theology and it was Bernoulli who persuaded his friend to let the boy study mathematics. Throughout his working career Euler authored several textbooks and memoirs in which he introduced many concepts, especially in the area of mathematical analysis. A prolific mathematician, his works cover several areas of the subject such as algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry and number theory. Two numbers are named after him: Euler's Number in calculus, e, and Euler-Mascheroni Constant, γ, also called “Euler’s constant”. He was plagued by deteriorating eyesight which rendered him almost blind, yet his productivity never suffered.


He died on 18 September 1783, at the age of 76, in St


He explained the basic principles of mechanics, optics, acoustics, and astronomy in his ‘Lettres à une princesse d’Allemagne’ which was published from 1768 to 1772


He wrote a textbook in calculus, ‘Institutiones calculi differentialis’ in 1755 and another one, ‘Institutiones calculi integralis’ during the period 1768–70


He could only devise a partial solution which was published in 1753


Another textbook, ‘Introductio in analysin infinitorum’ was out in 1748 in which he developed the concept of function in mathematical analysis


His textbook ‘Mechanica’ was published in 1736–37 in which he presented Newtonian dynamics in the form of mathematical analysis


He suffered a near-fatal fever in 1735 which caused severe deterioration in his eyesight; he almost went blind in one eye


Leonhard Euler married Katharina Gsell, the daughter of a painter in 1734


Daniel, who held the senior chair at the mathematics department, left the job and Euler was appointed to this post in 1733


He became professor of physics at the St Petersburg Academy of Sciences in 1730


Leonhard Euler moved to Russia and served as a medical lieutenant in the Russian navy from 1727 to 1730


He joined the University of Basel from where he received his Master of Philosophy in 1723


Leonhard Euler was born on 15 April 1707, in Basel, Switzerland, to Paul Euler and Marguerite Brucker in Basel

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