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MarineKing (Lee, Jung Hoon)

StarCraft II Player
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Net worth 2018: $211 Thousand
BirthDay: 11 July 1993
Sigh: Leo

Lee "MarineKing" Jung Hoon is a StarCraft II player from South Korea. He played Starcraft: Brood War as Protoss on MBCGame HERO's B-team under the ID "Clare", and switched to Terran once he left BW and committed to playing SC2 on a full-time basis. MarineKing's first big offline tournament in SC2 was the 2010 GSL Open Season 2 where he took 2nd place, losing only to NesTea. He used the ID "BoxeR" as a tribute to his idol Lim Yo Hwan (SlayerS_'BoxeR'), which let to the foreign community to call him "Foxer", a portmanteau for "Fake Boxer". The first major non-Korean event that MarineKing attended was MLG Orlando in October of 2011. Monetary aid was raised by fans in the Reddit community to pay for his travel and hotel costs. He started in the open bracket, won all of his matches to enter pool play, and eventually took 5th place.Overall RankingMarineKing is currently ranked #346 in highest overall earnings, and #79 in highest earnings for players from Korea, Republic of.Prize Money Earned Under 18 Years of AgeBefore his 18th birthday, MarineKing was awarded $82,653.35 in cash prizes from 13 tournaments. 39.14% of his total prize money was earned before July 11, 2011.Largest Prize from a Single TournamentThe largest amount of prize money awarded to MarineKing from a single tournament was $26,594.57 from GSL Open Season 2 on November 13, 2010. He placed 2nd, making up 12.59% of his total prize money won.$100,000 MilestoneOn October 25, 2011, MarineKing arrived at the $100,000 milestone, winning $8,000.00 and placing 3rd at ESWC 2011 (StarCraft II). Prize money from 23 tournaments got him to that point.


$211 Thousand


MVP or Team MVP was a South Korean organisation originally based in Incheon which owned a team house in Seoul. It was originally founded as a professional StarCraft II team mainly consisting of players from the MVP clan. another Korean clan, Project Supreme, served as MVP's B-team with a team house in Incheon until this was disbanded in early 2012 to make way for MVP's new League of Legends division.

MVP enjoyed close relations with the American team compLexity Gaming, and a joint venture called coL.MVP was announced on 22 July 2011 whereby MVP's ace players, Genius and DongRaeGu would be representing both teams, and travel support would be provided by the American team. On the other hand, the Korean players would support compLexity in online team leagues, and would make their team house in Seoul available for compLexity's players who wish to train in Korea.[1] The partnership was further expanded on 23 August 2011, including all of MVP's players, together with sponsorship by Creative Sound Blaster.[2] The partnership came to an end on 17 April 2012.

MVP was one of the original members of the e-Sports Federation as announced on 30 March 2012, being one of the prominent competitors in the GSTL. However, on 16 November 2013, the team departed the eSF to join the KeSPA and participate in Proleague.[3]

In 2014 and 2015 they finished 7th place over all in Proleague. Their best result was a second place in 2014 Proleague Round 2 which also is the only time they made it to playoffs.

On December 3rd, 2016, it was announced that the team disbanded its StarCraft II division.[4]

Team MVP's logo from the creation of the team to June 2012.

MVP roster: KeePing, Sniper, GuineaPig, TAiLS, Vampire, finale/duckdeok, Monster, KeeN, Dream and Noblesse

MVP's line up during the GSTL Season 1 finals against Prime.

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