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Kyla Cole

Glamour Model
Kyla Cole’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $400 Million
Industry: Models
Residence: Prešov
Country: Slovak
BirthDay: 10 November 1978
Height: 1.70 m

Kyla Cole was bornon 10 November 1978 in Prešov, Slovak, is Glamour Model. Kyla Cole is a Slovak glamour model and former television presenter. After studying fashion in high school, she moved to Prague, where she began living with her first serious boyfriend, who inspired her to begin posing nude. She then traveled to the United States to work at a summer camp. A nude photo session in America changed her life forever when she adopted the professional name Kyla Cole after consultations with the photographer, Stephen Hicks, who became her manager and boyfriend for the next six years. After two appearances in top-ranked American men’s magazines, Kyla's modeling career hit the stratosphere and her face soon graced the covers of hundreds of magazines. Returning to her homeland, she spent a year hosting a popular television talk show. Kyla then worked as an actress in several erotic films, but has remained steadfast throughout her career in never participating in so-called hardcore pornography. An early pioneer on the internet, Kyla has operated and hosted a personal website for more than a decade. With her modeling career winding down, Kyla Cole now works as a make-up artist and coach for younger models.


$400 Million


On April 25, 2007, Kyla Cole's long-delayed film 'Rumble Boy' appeared in theaters in the Philippines to disappointing reviews


In February of 2006, FHM magazine estimated that Kyla had appeared on 200 different magazine covers worldwide


In March 2005, Kyla Cole became the spokeswoman for a Slovak brand of instant coffee


In April 2004, a dispute with the media over the publication of unauthorized nude photos led Kyla Cole to quit the show


In August 2003, Kyla Cole returned to her homeland to host the popular television talk show 'Laskanie'


In May 2001, Kyla was the special guest for the season 1 finale of Big Brother Norway


In the summer of 2000, Kyla Cole was an official judge for the Miss Monticello Raceway contest, the beauty pageant that she won in 1999


In December 1999, one of Kyla's first nude photo shoots was printed in Genesis magazine


In 1998, at age 19, Kyla moved to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic


Kyla was born on November 10, 1978 as Martina Jacova in Prešov, Czechoslovakia (present Slovakia)

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