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Kwon Hyuk-Bin

Smilegate Holdings
Kwon Hyuk-Bin’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $5.85 Billion
Industry: Technology
Residence: Seoul, South Korea
Country: South Korea
Children: 2
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Sogang University

Kwon Hyuk-Bin was born in Seoul, South Korea, South Korea, is Smilegate Holdings. Kwon Hyuk-Bin is #314 in List Billionaires People In The World. Kwon Hyuk-Bin founded Smilegate in 2002 and has built it into one of the most successful gaming companies in South Korea. Following a 2008 partnership with Chinese Internet giant Tencent, it released its most popular title, CrossFire. Kwon's Smilegate Holdings, of which he owns 100%, is the largest shareholder of Korean mobile game developer SundayToz. Through his Smilegate Foundation, Kwon has established schools in China and Vietnam, providing education in IT, among other subjects.


$3.4 Billion


$5.1 Billion


$4.9 Billion


$5.85 Billion

We do not ask for profit share because I think it's my responsibility to return the favor that the society had offered me.

Kwon Hyuk-Bin

Kwon Hyuk-Jin (born December 25, 1984) is a South Korean football player who since 2012 has played for Bangkok United

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