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Krit Ratanarak

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Net worth 2018: $2.76 Billion
Residence: Bangkok, Thailand
Country: Thailand
BirthDay: 19 April 1946
Sigh: Taurus
Children: 1

Krit Ratanarak was bornon 19 April 1946 in Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand. Krit Ratanarak is #861 in List Billionaires People In The World. Media baron Krit Ratanarak controls Bangkok Broadcasting & TV, which operates market leader Channel 7. He also owns a minority stake in Bank of Ayudhya, the country's fifth largest by deposits, which accounts for the biggest chunk of his wealth. Other interests include Siam City Cement , which was founded by his late father Chuan, who moved to Bangkok at age 6 and got start as a dock labourer.


$1.2 Billion


$1.95 Billion


$2.8 Billion


$3.8 Billion


$2.6 Billion


$2.3 Billion


$2.76 Billion


According to Forbes the Ratanarak family’s holdings in the group businesses in January 2015 were estimated to be worth US$5


In 2014 the Ratanarak family controlled 25% of the bank’s equity with the remaining equity held by MUFJ


In 2013 GE Capital sold their holding to Japan’s MUFJ following losses incurred in the 2008 banking crisis, and a change in strategy by GE to reduce their exposure to financial services


In 2012 the Thai publication ‘Which Family is Richest’ reported the Ratanarak family as having holdings in excess of US$10 billion since 1998 when other assets are included


The reduction in the family’s holding was taken up by GE Capital whom the family brought into the management of the bank in 2007 to install best practice


In 1998, prior to the deal with Holderbank, the family had controlled slightly more than 50% of the company


In 1996 before the crisis the bank had a market value of US $4 billion in 2014 prices and this had risen to US $7 billion in 2014


Since 1993, Ratanarak has added property companies Eastern Star and Grand Canal Land and media company Matching Maximise Solution to the family business group


In the late 1990s, Ratanarak navigated Bank of Ayudhya and the other family businesses through the worst of the Asian financial crisis with the result that the Ratanaraks were one of only 8 business groups that had been in Thailand’s top 40 in 1979 to survive in the top rankings in 2009


In 1981 Ratanarak became Thailand’s youngest senator at the age of 35, serving for four terms


Ratanarak is divorced with one son, Chachchon, born in 1972


Krit Ratanarak was born in 1946 and is the eldest of six children with five sisters, four of whom now live outside Thailand

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