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Konstantin Nikolaev

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Net worth 2018: $1.18 Billion
Industry: Logistics
Residence: Moscow, Russia
Country: Russia
BirthDay: 21 September 1827
Sigh: Libra
Died On: 25/01/1892
Children: 5
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Moscow State University

Konstantin Nikolaev was bornon 21 September 1827 in Moscow, Russia, Russia. Konstantin Nikolaev is #1864 in List Billionaires People In The World. Konstantin Nikolaev co-owns N-Trans Group, a railway and port operator, with his partners and fellow billionaires Andrei Filatov and Nikita Mishin. In the summer of 2011 they took public one of Russia's biggest port operators, Global Ports Investments, for $500 million, and in October of 2012 they sold a 37.5% stake in Global Ports to a subsidiary of the Danish shipping giant A. P. Moller-Maersk, for $863 million. In September 2013 Global Ports announced it was buying 100% of National Container Company, which is set to build a port in St. Petersburg. The sellers, Vitaly Yuzhilin, who is a deputy in the State Duma, and entrepreneur Andrey Kobzar, will get a total of $291 million and each will receive a 9% stake in Global Ports. Nikolaev was born in Ukraine, studied philosophy at Moscow State University, and worked at businesses in Murmansk's port before joining up with Filatov and Mishin in 1996 to found their first shipping company, Severstaltrans. Billionaire Alexei Mordashov was also an investor in Severstaltrans, but in 2007 the partners bought his stake, and a year later they renamed the company N-Trans. Nikolaev is one of the co-founders of Skolkovo, in Moscow, the first business school in Russia. In November 2011 he and Mishin sold their 13% stake in the railway operator Transoil to billionaire Gennady Timchenko, a close friend of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.


$1.1 Billion


$1.3 Billion


$1.35 Billion


$1.2 Billion


$1.18 Billion


At the beginning of August 1889, Konstantin suffered a severe stroke that left his legs paralyzed and him unable to speak


In 1886, Konstantin was furious when Alexander III restricted the title of Grand Duke to only children and grandchildren of Emperors, as this meant that Konstantin's grandchildren would merely be princes, but there was little he could do


In April 1885, his two surviving illegitimate sons died days apart of scarlet fever


He was also particularly close to his eldest daughter Olga whom he visited in Greece in 1883


In the 1880s, Marie was sent to Greece, later serving as lady in waiting to her half sister, Queen Olga


Konstantin suffered another bitter blow when in 1879, his youngest legitimate son, Vyacheslav, died unexpectedly from a brain hemorrhage


In 1874, scandal erupted when it was discovered that Konstantin's eldest son, Grand Duke Nikolay Konstantinovich, who had lived a dissipated life and had revolutionary ideas, had stolen three valuable diamonds from an icon in the bedroom of Alexandra Iosifovna in complicity with his mistress, an American courtesan


Anna was twenty years younger than Konstantin and initially she resisted his advances, but in 1873 she gave birth to their first child


Around 1868, Konstantin began to pursue a young dancer from the St


In 1867, Konstantin's eldest daughter, Olga, married King George I of Greece


Since 1865, Konstantin had been pushing for a constitution in Russia


The insurrection was finally quelled in May 1864, when the more conservative Count Frederik Vilhelm Rembert von Berg was sent to replace Konstantin as viceroy


Corporal punishment was abolished in 1863 and the traditional system of naval recruitment was drastically altered


In July 1862, Konstantin's wife gave birth to the couple's sixth and last child in Warsaw


In 1861, the Russian sector of Poland, partitioned since the previous century, was disturbed and under martial law


At the end of the 1860s, Konstantin embarked on an affair, having an illegitimate daughter, Marie Condousso


In 1858, a central group for emancipation, which included only the more progressive members, Konstantin, Lanskoy, Yakov Rostovtsev, Nikolay Milyutin, and their allies, replaced the original committee


When the committee appointed to bring it about dug in their heels and made difficulties, Alexander II asked Konstantin to join the committee in September 1857


In early 1856, he accompanied his brother Alexander II to the Crimea to view first-hand the devastation of the War


In 1853, Konstantin's father Tsar Nicholas I made him General-Admiral of the Imperial Navy and head of the Department of the Imperial navy


In 1849, as a young officer, Konstantin took part in a campaign assisting the Habsburgs to put down a revolution in Hungary


They were married six months later on 11 September 1848 in the Winter Palace


Konstantin and his wife Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna had six children:Konstantin had five illegitimate children with his mistress Anna Kuznetsova (1847–1922); they bore the last name Knyazev:Konstantin was the paternal great-great grandfather of Charles, Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the British throne, since his daughter Olga married George I of Greece, whose son Andrew married Alice Battenberg and begat Philip, Charles' father


In 1846 Konstantin's sister, Grand Duchess Olga, married Crown Prince Charles of Württemberg


In 1836, accompanied by Litke, he embarked on a lengthy sailing expedition and finally he was given command of the Russian frigate Hercules under Litke's direction


In 1835, Konstantin accompanied his parents to Germany and from age eight onwards was taught to keep a diary


Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich of Russia (Russian: Константи́н Никола́евич Рома́нов; 21 September 1827 – 25 January 1892) was the second son of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia and younger brother of Tsar Alexander II

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