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Kip Thorne

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Net worth 2018: $12 Million
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Logan
Country: United States
BirthDay: 1 June 1940
Sigh: Cancer
Height: 1.70 m
Education: 1962 - California Institute of Technology, 1965 - Princeton University

Kip Thorne was bornon 1 June 1940 in Logan, American, is Physicist. Kip Stephen Thorne is a renowned theoretical physicist who is considered among the leading experts on the subjects of gravitational physics and astrophysics. Born to academician parents, this erudite physicist showed great aptitude for science since his childhood. Pursuing his graduate studies from the Caltech University, Kip went on to earn a doctorate from the Princeton where he his supervisor was John Wheeler. Stephen then embarked on an academic career at Caltech where he collaborated with some of the leading scientists in the field of astrophysics. With sterling academics, he became the youngest professor ever to be appointed at the Caltech University. Throughout his career he proved to be an excellent guide and mentor to students who turned out to be pioneers in the discipline of astrophysics. He worked along with Ulvi Yurtsever and Mike Morris to demonstrate the existence of Lorentzian wormholes that connect two separate points in space time, paving the path for further research into the possibility that negative energy could be a characteristic of quantum fields. He also dabbled with the red supergiant stars and along with fellow collaborator Anna Zytkow and also prophesised a possibility of their existence. Thorne is currently involved with research on quantum foam concept propounded by his mentor John Wheeler. Read on to know more about his life and works.


$12 Million


In the year 2009, he decided to resign from his post at Caltech in order to collaborate with film makers who were looking for his expertise and has been a Professor Emeritus since


Thorne remains among the leading astrophysicists of the modern era and in recognition of his efforts throughout his academic life, the Caltech Institute of Technology appointed him as the ‘Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics’ in 1991


In the year 1984, Kip embarked on one of his most ambitious and important projects when he started the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory), which was engaged in proving the presence of gravitational waves


Thorne divorced his first wife in the year 1977 and seven years later he got married for the second time to Carolee Joyce Winstein, who is a professor at the ‘University of South Carolina’


After spending three years in Caltech as an assistant professor; he was made a professor in theoretical physics in 1970 and eleven years later he was promoted to the august post of ‘William R


In the year 1967, Kip Thorne was appointed as an assistant professor at the ‘Caltech Institute of Technology’


Kip went to the famous ‘Caltech Institute of Technology’ for higher studies and in the year 1962 he was awarded the Bachelor in Science degree


He got married for the first time to Linda Jean Peterson in 1960; the couple had two children


Kip Thorne was born on June1, 1940 in Logan City of Cache County, Utah to D

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