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StarCraft II Player
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Net worth 2018: $283 Thousand
BirthDay: 15 May 1992
Sigh: Gemini

Kim "Stats" Dae Yeob is a Korean StarCraft II player, formerly a StarCraft: Brood War player.Overall RankingAt present, Stats is ranked #248 in highest overall earnings, and #54 in highest earnings for players from Korea, Republic of.Prize Money Earned Under 18 Years of AgeBefore Stats turned 18 years old, he earned $2,603.26 in cash prizes from 2 tournaments. 0.92% of his total prize money was earned before May 15, 2010.Largest Prize from a Single TournamentThe most money that Stats has won from a single tournament was $45,300.00 from IEM XI - World Championship (SC2) on March 5, 2017. His 2nd place finish makes up 16.02% of his total prize money won.$100,000 MilestoneOn October 3, 2016, Stats reached $100,000 in total prize money won with a $4,072.50 cash prize from his 3rd-4th place finish at KeSPA Cup 2016. Prize money from 36 tournaments got him to that point.Recent EarningsStats has won $1,395.00 in prize money from 4 tournaments within the last 90 days, $1,325.00 (or 94.98%) of which came in the last month.


$283 Thousand


Kim "Stats" Dae Yeob, also known as "Carno", is a Protoss StarCraft II progamer from South Korea, currently playing for Splyce.

Stats played his first official StarCraft II match during the hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2.

Stats, along with his team, KT Rolster, made their StarCraft 2 debut in The 2011-2012 Hybrid Proleague. He was fielded in every match during Round 1, but only played one game of StarCraft 2, a loss to GooJila on Antiga Shipyard. Stats logged his first Victory in Round 2, as he defeated GuemChi in Week Two. His only other action was a pair of losses to hyvaa and Turn. Stats fared better in Round 3. He started things off with a win over Mini before beating RorO in an ace match in Week Three, Bbyong and Jaedong the next week as well as GooJila in week five to finish the year with a 6-3 record in StarCraft 2.

Stats began 2013 where he ended 2012, in Proleague. 2012-2013 Proleague kicked on December 12, 2012, with Stats first seeing action in KT Rolster’s Round 1 match against EG-Liquid. Stats won against Jaedong on Ohana, but did not play against 8th Team or Woongjin Stars in Week Two. From there, he rattled off wins against Kop, herO, Bisu and Mini to end with a 5-0 record as KT Rolster finished the round 6-1, good for first place. Round 2 began on January 6, 2013. Round 2 was played in the All-Kill Format which resulted in Stats not playing in his team’s first two matches. He featured against Team 8, however, beating Cure and Argo before losing to TRUE in the ace match. He finished about the round with a win over against Bbyong and loss to Hydra in KT’s Victory over CJ Entus in Week Three.

The teams returned to Proleague Format for Round 3. The round proved to be a disaster for KT Rolster as they finished 1-6. Stats, under the new ID, Carno, finished with a 3-4 record. He beat Rain, Stork and Stephano, but lost to Terminator, sOs, Hydra and Comet. Stats also participated in The Special">Special. He was drafted by Coach Lee Jae Kyun of Woongjin Stars, but lost his only game he played to sOs. Stats didn’t have to wait long to return to action for his team. He was fielded second in Week One of Proleague Round 4 against SK Telecom T1. Stats lost to Rain, who eventually defeated Flash to start KT Rolster off with a loss.

Stats got his first taste of StarCraft 2 individual leagues on April 2nd. Placed into Group B of the 2013 WCS Korea Season 1 Qualifiers, he failed to advance, losing to Super 2-1 in the final match. Back in Proleague, Stats beat Stork, aLive and Jaedong in an ace match as KT Rolster played and Samsung KHAN and EG-Liquid in Week Two. He lost to Bbyong in Week Three, but ended the round with wins over Argo and sOs to finish Round 4 with a 5-2 record. KT Rolster went 6-1 in Round 5 as Proleague returned to the All-Kill Format. Over the course of the round, Stats beat Soulkey, PartinG, FanTaSy , but lost to free, TY and Rain. Stats continued his good form in Round 6, losing to Shine in Week One before beating Sacsri, Terminator, JYP, Bbyong and Light to finish 5-1.

Stats returned to individual league competition between Weeks Four and Five of Round 6. Between Weeks Five and Six, he travelled to Anaheim for the MLG Spring Championships after qualifying in the KeSPA Qualifiers. Stats ended up in 9-12th place after being eliminated by Jaedong. With the Round complete, Stats made his way back to Korea for OSL. Placed into Group G of the Qualifiers, Stats emerged from the bracket in first place to reach Challenger. Stats was placed in Bracket 4, but dropped his opening match to YongHwa, eliminating him from the event.

Stats’ final Proleague match took place on July 20th. He lost to Mini as KT lost the first of two matches to STX Soul. This result meant KT finished the year in third place, with Stats logging a 24-14 record, tying him for the fifth best win percentage among players with 16 or more games played. In his last individual league campaign, Stats emerge from the qualifier so reach the GSL Season 3 Challenger division, but lost to Bang, bringing his year to a close.

After a brief preseason that saw KT eliminated in the first match, 2014 Proleague began properly with Round 1. Stats’ first match came on December 30, 2013, with his Victory over Hydra, helping KT to a 3-1 win over CJ Entus. Stats appeared twice in Week 2, losing to Maru and RorO. Week 3 of Proleague was held on January 12th, but before that, Stats participated in the qualifiers for 2014 GSL Season 1. He was placed into Group 1 of the Morning session, advancing in second place. Stats’ Code A group was played on January 23rd, with four Proleague matches occurring in the interim for KT. Stats played in two of them, posting a pair of wins against Rain and KassiA to finish the round 3-2.

Group J of Code A consisted of Stats, SuperNova, Coca and TheBest. Stats won his opening match against TheBest, 2-0 before advancing by virtue of a 2-1 against SuperNova. Back in Proleague, Zest had lifted KT to a Round 1 Victory, which meant the team was preparing for Round 2. Stats opened the campaign with a win over Rogue, before turning his attention to GSL. Group H featured Curious, RorO and ParalyzE alongside Stats. Stats started off with a 2-1 over RorO, but lost to Curious 2-0 and RorO in the rematch to drop out of Code S. His team league duties once more in the forefront, Stats closed out the round with wins over EffOrt and MarineKing to finish with a 3-2 record. KT finished the round in third place, which set up a playoff matchup against MVP, in which Stats was one of four players all-killed by Billowy.

Stats logged a win against Terminator in the opening week of Round 3, but was unable to carry the momentum into individual competition as he finished third in a GSL Season 2 Code A group containing RagnaroK, Rogue and Curious. He fell 2-1 to Rogue in the first match, fought back in the loser’s match against Curious, but lost out to Rogue for the second time in the winner’s match, bringing his season to an end. Undeterred by his failures in GSL, Stats put together a 3-1 record in Round 3. His ace match win against herO and CJ Entus was his first of the year. He lost to DongRaeGu, but closed things out on a positive note against MarineKing in Week 5. KT Rolster finished the round 5-2, good for second place, but lost in the Silver Challenger match against CJ Entus. Stats won game five on Outboxer to put his team ahead 3-2, but lost to Bbyong, who then beat Zest to bring the score to 4-3.

Stats started Round 4 off with a win against EffOrt. He lost to sOs and Hurricane in Week 2, helped KT beat MVP with a win over DongRaeGu, but lost again in Week 4, this time to Rain to finish with a 2-3 mark as KT Rolster missed the Round 4 Playoffs. Having broken through the qualifiers Stats played his Code A group on July 24th. Paired against Life in the day’s second match, Stats won 2-1 before beating Rogue 2-0, who later eliminated Bunny, to reach Code S. Stats was back in action three days later for KT Rolster as they took on the Jin Air Green Wings in the [[2014_Proleague/Playoffs|Playoffs] in a Best of 3 match. Stats took a map against Maru as KT jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the Proleague format match, but Maru’s three wins in the all-kill format sent things to a rubber match. Stats came out third for his team and defeated TRUE, helping KT to a 4-1 Victory. The finals against SK Telecom were played on August 9th. Stats was first up on Outboxer and found himself facing off against Soulkey, who he beat to put his team ahead. Flash beat PartinG, but Rain’s win over Zest made it 2-1. Action surprised Dark, soO beat Sleep, but it was TY’s proxy rax against Classic that made KT Rolster 2014 Proleague Champions. In the end, Stats finished with a 15-10 record, good for fourth on his team and highlighted by his 9-3 mark against Zerg.

Code S began on on August 6th, but Stats, along with Souley, Terminator and Byong had to wait for the 13th for Group D to kick off. Stats won his opening match over Bbyong 2-1 and took care of business against Soulkey without dropping a match to advance. Stats found himself alongside INnoVation, PartinG and Maru in the Round of 16. Stats lost to INnoVation, but still managed to survive group C after taking down Maru and PartinG, 2-0. In the Round of 8 for the first time in StarCraft 2, Stats was matched against soO, who ended Stats’ run with a convincing 3-1 thrashing.

Stats’ final action of the year came in the 2014 Hot6ix Cup. Having navigated the qualifiers, Stats was placed in Group A with MarineKing, INnoVation and herO. Stats was first to be sent home, though, as he lost to MarineKing and INnoVation 2-0.

2015 came early for Stats as he took part in qualifiers for the newly formed SSL Season 1 and GSL Season 1. He managed to advance in SSL, beating most notable, ByuL, but failed to qualify for GSL. Round 1 of 2015 Proleague kicked off the following week. KT Rolster opened the year against Jin Air on December 23, 2014, but Stats did not get a match until the following week against MVP, losing to MarineKing as KT was upset 3-2. Sandwiched between those matches was Stats’ SSL Challenge match against INnoVation, which he won 3-2 despite falling behind 0-2.

Stats won his next two Proleague appearances against soO and YoDa before playing his Round of 16 group for SSL. Group B consisted of Life, herO and Classic, but it was Stats who topped the group after beating Classic and herO 2-1. Stats played two more times in Round 1, picking uip wins over Bbyong and Life to go 4-1 for the round. KT finished sixth, though, at 3-4, which meant they had to wait until Round 2 to play once more. But, before Proleague resumed, Stats faced off against Rogue in the quarterfinals of SSL. Stats won 3-0, advancing to the Round of 4.. Stats played once in Round 2, winning against Sora before taking the stage against Maru in his first semifinal of StarCraft 2.

Stats took game one on Nimbus. He shed his Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenixes breaking Maru's Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix contain, but had enough colossi and storm to go up 1-0. Maru evened the series on Overgrowth as he held Stats' blink timing before slowly dismembering Stats' colossus based army. Stats' gambled with a one base dark templar build on Catallena, but Maru built a bunker and a turret to go ahead 2-1. Stats held a supply lead for much of game four despite losing over thirty workers to cloaked banshees. He eventually broke Maru after a prolonged blink assault that reduced to the Jin Air Terran to 25 SCVs on one base. Maru took an early lead on Deadwing as his hellions and marines killed 21 probes. Maru took a faster third while Stats resigned himself to massing 3 colossi before taking his. Maru managed to cancel storm and Stats' researching upgrades before dealing the final blow. Stats safely reached three bases while producing colossi, but Maru peppered him with drops, killing the third, the main and even getting 16 probe kills with a single widow mine. Stats was left chasing his tale as Maru's army kept rallying over, eventually forcing a concession as Stats had to settle for a Round of 4 finish.

Back in Proleague, Stats pieced together a 6-1 record during Round 2. Having already beaten Sora, he took down YoDa, Cure, Solar, aLive and YongHwa, only losing to Classic in Week 3. This time KT posted a 4-3 record, good enough for fourth place a playoff berth. Their first opponent was SK Telecom. Dark opened things up with a win over Flash, but Stats stepped up big, rattling off victories over Dark, Sorry, INnoVation and Classic to win the match for his team. KT’s run was stopped in the very next match, though, with Stats’ loss in game six to Maru, giving Jin Air the match, 4-2.

With Proleague on hiatus, Stats took part in an all Protoss group in SSL Season 2. Stats, herO, PartinG and Dear made up Group D and, as he had in Season 1, Stats topped the group, shutting out Dear before taking care of herO, 2-1. Stats took part in the KeSPA Cup Season 1 less than a week later. His Round of 16 match against Dream was scheduled for May 3rd, but it was the final one Stats would play in the event as he fell 3-1.

Called into duty by KT Rolster, Stats lost his opening match of Proleague Round 3 to Maru and was not fielded in Week 2, but earned his team the win against SBENU by defeating Bomber. With 3 weeks of Proleague in the books, Stats and teammate, Zest, did battle in the SSL Round of 8. Stats won the opening game on King Sejong Station and never looked back, advancing by virtue of a 3-1 score. Stats won his next Proleague match against Dark, before taking part in his second SSL Semifinal in as many seasons.

The semifinals opened on Expedition Lost. Stats' dark templars were rebuffed, prompting both players to macro up to three bases, colossi and archons. They fought outside Classic's natural, with a warp in of zealots behind Classic's colossi giving Stats an early lead. Game two started with Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix vs Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix, but turned into a basetrade after dark templars killed 12 of Stats' workers. Both players lost their bases and most of their probes, but Stats had a bigger army and better defensive position which gave him the Victory when they finally fought. Classic earned his first win of the series on King Sejong Station. His proxy stargate was found out, but an oracle got out which proved crucial later on as it acted as the only detection for Stats' dark templar. Classic cleaned up the effort while researching blink, bringing his greater numbers to bear as Classic's stalkers took care of Stats' forces. Game four took place on Cactus Valley in horizontal spawns. Classic proxied a stargate, while Stats opted for a dark shrine. Both took minor losses, but Classic established a faster natural expansion. Stats went blink and robo while Classic did damage with dark templars. Falling behind, Stats went for a desperation ninja expansion, but Classic dealt the killing blow with an Immortal">Immortal">Immortal">Immortal push while sending a dark templar to the still building nexus. Both players started with blink and a robotics facility on Merry Go Round, but STats applied pressure while taking a faster expansion, Classic followed suit as both went for the attack upgrade and colossus tech and a third base. Classic took map control enabling him to draw Stats out of position with a warp prism before crushing Stats' army. Overgrowth was the site of game six. Stats went for a quick nexus then stargate and robo facility, but Classic proxied a pylon and applied three gate pressure, canceling Stats' natural. Classic got one up of his own before setting up a contain with sentries. Classic's Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Michelle-pleet-Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix">Phoenix harassment allowed him to get a faster third as both players went into colossi. Classic opened up a nearly 20 supply lead as he pushed into Stats' third base. Stats held strong, but a zealot warp in in Stats' main unhinged the defense, sending Cl

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