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Juan-Miguel Villar Mir

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Net worth 2018: $3.43 Billion
Residence: Madrid, Spain
Country: Spain
BirthDay: 1931
Children: 3

Juan-Miguel Villar Mir was bornon 1931 in Madrid, Spain, Spain. Juan-Miguel Villar Mir is #645 in List Billionaires People In The World. Juan-Miguel Villar Mir controls the construction firm Obrascon Huarte Lain S.A. together with his children. The $5 billion (2015 revenues) giant trades on Madrid's stock exchange and builds roads, railways, ports and airports in 30 countries. Separately from OHL, his privately-held Grupo Villar Mir is the largest independent producer of hydroelectric power in Spain, a major fertilizer producer, and a real estate developer. Its silicon producer Grupo FerroAtlántica agreed to a $3.1 billion merger with Nasdaq-listed Globe Specialty Materials in 2015 to create Ferroglobe, currently Villar Mir's most valuable asset. Grupo Villar Mir also has smaller subsidiaries that trade, transport and distribute diesel oil, make pre-stressed, reinforced concrete, and produce children's clothes. In 2011 the King of Spain gave Villar Mir the title of "marquis."


$1.8 Billion


$2.5 Billion


$5.7 Billion


$3.1 Billion


$2.9 Billion


$3.43 Billion


He has been a non-executive director of Santander since 2013


Villar Mir turned around the firm's fortunes, and it listed on the Bolsa de Madrid in 1991


Obrascón Huarte Lain fell into financial difficulties in the late 1980s, however, and was bought from bankruptcy for one penny in 1987 by Villar Mir, who remains the company's chairman today


In 1976, he was Deputy Prime Minister of Spain for about six months, as a member of the Falange Española Tradicionalista y de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista party, under Prime Minister Carlos Arias Navarro


From December 1975 to July 1976, he was the Minister of Economy and Finance

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