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José Eduardo dos Santos

President of Angola
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Net worth 2018: $20 Billion
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Luanda
Country: Angolan
BirthDay: 28 August 1942
Sigh: Virgo
Education: Azerbaijan State Oil Academy

José Eduardo dos Santos was bornon 28 August 1942 in Luanda, Angolan, is President of Angola. José dos Santos is the President of Angola, the seventh largest country of South Africa. As a young boy, he showed a strong interest in politics, joining the 'People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola' ('MPLA'), while he was still in school. He pursued his higher education from the 'Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute', eventually returning to his homeland. Once back home, he joined the 'MPLA' once again, and played a significant role in the Angolan struggle for independence from the Portuguese colonial rule. Soon after independence, he was made the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and later the Minister of Planning. Thereafter, he was appointed as the President of Angola, an office that he has been holding for the last thirty-six years. When he became the President, he was also made the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The following year, he became the President of the 'People's Assembly'. Initially he was popular, despite the civil war led by opposition political parties, but soon elections were withheld and the president continued to remain in office, without the votes of the citizens. The new constitution said that the leader of any party that wins the legislative elections will be announced as the President. Since 'MPLA' won recently, he was re-appointed as the President, and continues to serve in this capacity


$20 Billion


In 2014, Patrício Batsîkam, an Angolan historian published a book, 'José Eduardo dos Santos e a ideia da Nação Angolana' ('José Eduardo dos Santos and the idea of the Angolan Nation'), delving into the regime of the President


When the 'MPLA' won most of the seats in the 2012 parliamentary elections, José remained in office, according to the rules of the new constitution


According to government reports, in 2010, this President of Angola narrowly escaped being assassinated, when a car containing weapons obstructed his vehicle


In the legislative elections of 2008, 'MPLA' won by a majority, and set about preparing a new constitution


The President co-founded the 'African Countries Diamond Producers Association' in November 2006, with the aim of helping in the growth of foreign investment in the diamond industry of almost twenty African countries


In 2001, the President declared his decision to retire from the post after the next elections


In the 1992 presidential elections, the President of Angola defeated his opposition candidate Jonas Savimbi


The next year, November 9, 1980, the President was appointed as the speaker of the ‘People's Assembly’


The President, who has been in office since 1979, is known for having played a major role in the independence movement of Angola, and also in promoting peace and democracy in the country


The political leader became the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of Angola, in 1975, and three years later he was appointed as the Minister of Planning


In 1970, Santos came back to Angola, and re-joined the guerrilla troops of 'People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola' ('MPLA')


From Congo, he relocated to the Soviet Union, and in 1969, he graduated in radar communications and in petroleum engineering from the 'Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute' in the Republic of Azerbaijan


José Eduardo dos Santos was born to Avelino and his wife Jacinta Paulino, on August 28, 1942, in the Sambizanga district of Luanda, Angola

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