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Jorge Horacio Brito

Jorge Horacio Brito’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1.5 Billion
Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Country: Argentina
BirthDay: 23 July 1952
Sigh: Leo
Children: 6

Jorge Horacio Brito was bornon 23 July 1952 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina. Jorge Horacio Brito is #1681 in List Billionaires People In The World. Jorge Horacio Brito is the president and the largest individual shareholder of Banco Macro, an Argentine bank he cofounded. Brito is also main shareholder of Inversora Juramento, which owns almost 215,000 acres in northwest Argentina and 54,000 cattle. He has six children with his wife Marcela Carballo.


$1.3 Billion


$1.5 Billion

We have to think obsessively about the long term. That's where the future is built.

Jorge Horacio Brito

On 2017 He was replaced by Jorge Pablo Brito, Brito's son and director of Macro Bank


In 2016 he won the Fortuna Lifetime Achievements Awards because of his trajectory in Argentinean business community


Between 2012 and 2014, Jorge Horacio Brito was the president of the Latin America Banking Federation (FELABAN), a non-profit organization whose aim is to ease and promote relationships between all Latin American financing entities


Brito was among those who expressed interest in the purchase of 20% of the Madrid-based Repsol's ownership of the former state oil concern, when these shares were offered for sale in 2007


Brito became chairman of the Argentine Banking Association (ADEBA) on April 8, 2003 until 2016, when was succeed by Daniel Llambías, chairman of Grupo Financiero Galicia owner of Banco Galicia


During the Menem presidency, Brito came under criticism for allegations of favorable treatment for one of Macro's largest borrowers, leather manufacturer Emir Yoma (Menem's brother-in-law), particularly after Macro's 1995 rescue by the Central Bank of Argentina


, founded in 1990, is one of the leading farming-cattle companies in the Argentine Northern Region


He was named Chairman of the Board of Directors in June 1988 and cultivated close relationships with leading officials in the governments of both Raúl Alfonsín and Carlos Menem


He founded Anglia, a brokerage firm, in 1976 and, in 1985, purchased a competing brokerage, Financiera Macro, forming Macro Bank (Banco Macro)


ADEBA was founded in 1972 and is part of the G-6 Group, which unites the main Argentine business entities such as the Argentine Industrial Union, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, the Argentine Construction Chamber, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, and the Argentine Rural Society


Jorge Horacio Brito was born to an upper-class family in Buenos Aires in 1952 and was raised by his mother, who was widowed in 1962

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