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John Wesley Powell

Explorer, Geologist
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Net worth 2018: $1.2 Million
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Mount Morris
Country: United States
BirthDay: 24 March 1834
Sigh: Aries
Died On: September 23, 1902
Education: Oberlin College, Wheaton College, Illinois College

John Wesley Powell was bornon 24 March 1834 in Mount Morris, American, is Explorer, Geologist. John Wesley Powell was an American explorer, anthropologist, geologist and a soldier. He is known for his river trip through the Green River and the Colorado River covering the Grand Canyon – a three month expedition known as the ‘Powell Geographic Expedition’. He dedicated his life in exploring and preserving natural resources of the American West including human, scientific, economic and scenic resources. He served the ‘Union Army’ as captain and was later promoted as a major. His contributions as an administrator and supporter of conservation and meticulous planning of the use of arid western lands were significant. He also taught as a professor at the ‘Illinois Wesleyan University’. He held directorship in leading cultural and scientific institutes. At the ‘U.S. Geological Survey’ he served as the second director. He was appointed by the ‘Smithsonian Institution’ as the first director of the ‘U.S. Bureau of Ethnology’. A lake at the back of the ‘Glen Canyon Dam’ which formed on the river Colorado was named ‘Lake Powell’ after him. A mountain in the ‘Kings Canyon National Park’ situated in California was named as ‘Powell Mountain’ in his honour.


In 1974, the ‘USGS National Center’ in Reston, Virginia, was named after him as the ‘John Wesley Powell Federal Building’


On September 23, 1902 John Wesley Powell died at their family vacation cottage in Haven, Maine


In 1898, he published ‘Truth and Error, or the Science of Intellection’


In 1895 it was republished as ‘Canyons of the Colorado’


Geological Survey’ as its second director and he held the position till 1894


In 1891, his book ‘Indian Linguistic Families of America, North of Mexico’ was published


In 1880 he published ‘Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages’


In 1879 he published a book, ‘Report on the Lands of the Arid Regions of the United States’ suggesting state boundaries based on water resources and also irrigation systems


In 1877, his book ‘Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages, with Words, Phrases, and Sentences to Be Collected’ was published


In 1876, he published ‘Report on the Geology of the Eastern Portion of the Uinta Mountains’


In 1874, the ‘Cosmos Club’, a gathering of intellectuals which was hosted by Powell at his home was formalised


Powell again set up an expedition on May 22, 1871 from Green River, Wyoming travelling the Colorado River retracing a part of the route he explored in 1869 to reach Kanab Creek in Grand Canyon


The book ‘Exploration of the Colorado River of the West and Its Tributaries: Explored in 1869, 1870, 1871, and 1872 under the Direction of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution’ was published in 1875


He headed a number of expeditions after 1867 and collected specimens from the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas of Colorado and Green rivers


He became a lecturer at the ‘Illinois State Normal University’ in 1866


After leaving the army in 1865 he worked at the ‘Illinois Wesleyan University’ in Bloomington as a professor of natural sciences


In February 1863, after a brief leave he returned to service and eventually became a major


On April 6, 1862, he lost part of his right arm at the ‘Battle of Shiloh’ as it was shattered by a minie ball when he was giving order to fire


On May 8, 1861, Powell enlisted in the twentieth Illinois Infantry at Hennepin during the outbreak of the American Civil War


In 1859, he was elected as secretary at the ‘Illinois Natural History Society’


Louis in 1857 and rowing down the Illinois, Mississippi and Des Moines rivers to reach Iowa in 1858


His expeditions included a 4 months walk across Wisconsin in 1855 and rowing down the Mississippi in 1856 starting from St


In 1851, his family moved to Boone County, Illinois, and the next year he started teaching in a school


He had interest in botany and natural science which helped him self-finance his adventures and he travelled widely during late 1850s along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers


In 1846, his family again shifted to South Grove, Wisconsin


Powell’s family moved to Jackson, Ohio, in 1838 where he met naturalist George Crookham who aroused his interest in literature, science and history


John Wesley Powell was born to Joseph Powell and Mary Powell on March 24, 1834 in a farm in Mount Morris, New York, in the U


in 1830 from Shrewsbury, England, and was by profession a farmer, a tailor and an ambulant preacher

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