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John Wesley

Anglican Cleric and Christian Theologian
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Net worth 2018: $1.9 Million
Residence: Epworth, Lincolnshire
Country: British
BirthDay: 17 June 1703
Sigh: Cancer
Died On: March 2, 1791
Education: Eastern Orthodoxy

John Wesley was bornon 17 June 1703 in Epworth, Lincolnshire, British, is Anglican Cleric and Christian Theologian. John Wesley, best remembered as the Father of the Methodist movement, was born in England to an Anglican clergyman and his devout wife. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, Wesley was ordained first as a deacon and then as a priest of the Anglican Church. Later he went to the United States to become the minister of the newly formed Savannah parish; but the venture was highly unsuccessful and he returned home beaten and depressed. He began to see the light when by chance he discovered the Lutheran doctrine of salvation by faith alone. Eventually, he started the Methodist Movement, which became a huge establishment within his lifetime. Although he never severed his ties with the Church of England, Methodist Church gradually became a separate denomination. Today, there are around 80 million Methodists across the earth. The United Methodist Church, the Methodist Church of Great Britain, the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Wesleyan Church are some of the largest bodies which follow Wesleyan theology. Apart from these, the Holiness movement and Pentecostalism also owe their origins to him.


In 1784, the Bishop of London refused to ordain priests for the American Methodists


In 1776, with the independence of the USA, the situation became different


On his recovery in 1751, he once more immersed himself into the work, making sure the movement he had started would continue after his death


Therefore in 1743, he drew up a set of rules to be followed by all the units


In 1742, he introduced the ‘class-meeting’ system so as to enforce discipline within the society


However, he refused to bow down and in April 1739, he gave his first sermon near Bristol in the open air


In 1738, Wesley visited the Moravian headquarters in Herrnhut, Germany


In spite of such success, Wesley had to flee the colony in December 1737 because of some legal problems arising out of a failed love affair, and returned to England broken and depressed


Eventually, they reached the colony in February 1736


Accordingly, Wesley sailed for Savanna from Gravesend in Kent along with his brother Charles on 14 October 1735


However from 1732, they began to be referred to as the Methodists because they followed a rigorous method and tried to ensure that each hour was used wisely


Although he was ordained as a priest on 22 September 1728 he continued serving as the curate till November 1729


In 1727, Wesley started his career as a curate in his father’s parish


In March 1726, he was elected a fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford


With such an aim, he was ordained a deacon on 25 September 1725


In 1724, he graduated from Christ Church with a Bachelor’s degree


He graduated from there in 1720 and entered Christ Church, Oxford, on scholarship with classics and logic


In 1714, as he turned eleven, John Wesley was sent to the Charterhouse School in London


On 9 February 1709, the roof of their home caught fire while they were all sleeping


John Wesley was born on 28 June 1703, in Epworth, near Lincoln

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