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John W. Thompson

CEO of Virtual Instruments
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Net worth 2018: $250 Million
Industry: Miscellaneous
Residence: Fort Dix
BirthDay: 24 April 1949
Sigh: Taurus
Education: MIT Sloan School of Management (1983) - Florida A&M University (1971),

John W. Thompson was bornon 24 April 1949 in Fort Dix, African, American, is CEO of Virtual Instruments. John W. Thompson is the CEO of Virtual Instruments since April 2010. Before joining the company he had served in a number of prestigious positions in several leading technological organizations including IBM and Symantec Corporation. He began his career working as a sales representative for IBM before climbing on the corporate ladder to reach greater heights. He worked devotedly for the same organization for 28 years before surprising himself and the world by taking on a new position in a new company just years short of his retirement. After having seen his share of career ups and lows he decided he was ready for a new challenge and accepted the position of CEO in Symantec Corporation, a major software company in California. During his decade long career with them, he transformed the company into a leading provider of world class products to customers all over the world and helped to grow the company’s revenues manifold. He identified the field of internet security as the area to focus on and this strategy paid off Symantec very well. After his success at Symantec, he joined Virtual instruments as the CEO. The leadership efforts of this astute leader have been recognized by a number of industry associations and he is one of the most respected business professionals in the U.S.


$250 Million


He was made the CEO of Virtual Instruments in April of 2010 where he has been serving ever since


By the time he left Symantec in 2009, the company was a world leader in internet security products, enjoyed a strong reputation in the stock market and was one of the most trustworthy software brands in the eyes of customers


In 1999 when he was just a few years short of retirement, he was approached by a board member of Symantec Corporation, with a lucrative job offer


From 1994 to 1998 he served as the General Manager of IBM’s personal software products and was named the General Manager of IBM Americas in 1997


Security was an issue of great concern during the late 1990s, and Thompson knew Symantec could make it big in this field


In 1984 he was moved to IBM headquarters in White Plains to work as the assistant to the CEO and the chairman


A) from the Sloan Fellows program of the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1983


In 1980 he was transferred to Boston as administrative assistant to the regional manager and three years later he became the regional marketing director


Following a successful sales career he landed his first management position and became an IBM branch office manager in Atlanta in 1975


However, he did not want to major in music and transferred to Florida A&M University from where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1971

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