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Johann Deisenhofer

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Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Zusamaltheim, Bavaria, Germany
Country: German
BirthDay: 30 September 1943
Sigh: Libra
Education: Technical University of Munich, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry

Johann Deisenhofer was bornon 30 September 1943 in Zusamaltheim, Bavaria, Germany, German, is Biochemist. Johann Deisenhofer is a German biochemist known for determining the three-dimensional structure of the photosynthetic reaction centre. For the same, he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1988. He shared the prize with Robert Huber and Hartmut Michel. Deisenhofer’s discovery of the structure was revolutionary as it augmented the general understanding of the mechanisms of photosynthesis and revealed similarities between the photosynthetic processes of plants and bacteria. His experience in the application of X-ray technology as a tool to analyse the structure of crystallized substances resulted in the first-ever mapping of the structure of those molecules involved in the chemical reaction integral to the conversion process. Interestingly, Deisenhofer’s fancy with the physical world commenced when he was a child. Much against the wishes of his farmer parents who deemed farming as a future for their son, Deisenhofer expressed his interest in academics. He was fascinated by the astronomical problems and the physical world and soon found his real calling in physics. During his graduation studies he drifted to biophysics, an upcoming genre of physics then. His most important work came in the decade of 1980s when he worked at the Max Planck Institute. Currently, Deisehofer lives in United States and serves as a professor at the Department of Biophysics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.


In 1993, he collaborated with fellow scientist James R


He met his future wife, Kirsten Fischer Lindahl at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the two got married in 1989


Following his superlative success, he was asked to present papers and appeared at a host of science-related functionsIn 1988, Deisenhofer moved to the United States, leaving his position at the Max Planck Institute


After meticulous studies, he finally determined the three-dimensional structure of the photosynthetic reaction center in 1985


In 1981, Michel came up with a way to crystallize the photosynthetic reaction center of a purple bacterium, Rhodopseudomonasviridis


It was in 1980 that the refinement of these structures was finished


In 1979, German biophysicist Hartmut Michel joined Huber’s laboratory


In 1976, Deisenhofer was appointed as a staff scientist at the Institute


In 1974, he submitted a thesis based on his work with Steigemann


He graduated with a diploma in physics from the University in 1971


Subsequently, he enrolled at the Augsburg's Holbein Gymnasium, graduating from the same in 1963


The accomplishment gained by Michel, Deisenhofer and Huber created a storm in the scientific society as it was dubbed as the most important advancement in the understanding of photosynthesis since the mid-1960s


In 1956, he was sent to a series of boarding schools wherein he gained his higher education


Johann Deisenhofer was born on September 30, 1943 in Zusamaltheim, Bavaria, Germany to Thekla and Johann Deisenhofer

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