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Joe Clark

Former Prime Minister of Canada
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Net worth 2018: $52 Million
Industry: Prime Ministers
Residence: High River, Canada
Country: Canadian
BirthDay: 5 June 1939
Sigh: Cancer
Education: University of British Columbia, University of Alberta

Joe Clark was bornon 5 June 1939 in High River, Canada, Canadian, is Former Prime Minister of Canada. Joe Clark is a Canadian politician, journalist, writer and businessman who served as the 16th Prime Minister of Canada between 1979 and 1980. He is known for becoming the youngest Prime Minister in Canada's history, and is also known for his short tenure in this role. Leading a minority government formed by the Progressive Conservative Party, he refused to form a coalition with the smaller parties and was defeated on a motion of non-confidence vote. Despite his party's loss in the 1980 election, he retained his leadership position till 1983, when he decided that a two-third majority in the party was not enough and pushed for a leadership convention. His party won the 1984 election, following which he served as the Secretary of State for External Affairs in Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's cabinet. He initially retired from politics in 1993, and despite his failure as the Prime Minister, was voted the single most trusted political personality in Canada at the time of his retirement. He was reinstated as the Progressive Conservative Party leader in 1998, and returned to the Parliament as a member of the House of Commons in 2000. He served in that position till the party's dissolution in 2004.


$52 Million


Following the Progressive Conservative-Canadian Alliance merger in December 2003, he did not join the new Conservative Party of Canada, and remained a PC MP for the rest of the session


He eventually came back from retirement in 1998 to retake the party leadership following a teleconference vote by PC members


He subsequently became a Regents' Lecturer in the Canadian Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley, and published the book 'A Nation Too Good to Lose: Renewing the Purpose of Canada' in 1994


The failure of the Charlottetown Accord nearly annihilated the party in 1993, following which he retired from politics and established his own consulting firm, Joe Clark and Associates, Ltd


He served as the President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada for two years from April 1991 and around the same time became the Minister responsible for Constitutional Affairs, drafting the attempted Charlottetown Accord


In the 1984 election, Mulroney won by a huge margin, following which Clark served in his cabinet as the Secretary of State for External Affairs


Witnessing a similar trend in the 1983 party convention, he declared that two-thirds majority was not enough and called for a leadership convention in which challenger Brian Mulroney won the leadership of the party


5% of the delegates supported a leadership review at the party's 1981 convention


Following the loss in the 1980 election, he started to lose ground in the party and his position as the leader was challenged as 33


Ending the 16-year-long Liberal rule in Canada, he formed a minority government, becoming Canada's youngest prime minister on June 4, 1979, one day before his 40th birthday


In 1973, Joe Clark married law student and political organizer, Maureen McTeer, who later became a well-known author and lawyer


He was elected to Parliament as the MP for Rocky Mountain in the Canadian federal election of 1972 and won the party leadership in 1976 following the resignation of the then party leader Robert Stanfield


However, his attempt at running as a candidate for the Progressive Conservatives in the 1967 provincial election resulted in a failure


From 1965 to 1967, he served as a political science teacher at the university


After completing school, he attended the University of Alberta, from where he completed his bachelor's degree in history in 1960 and his master's degree in political science in 1963


Charles Joseph 'Joe' Clark was born on June 5, 1939, in High River, Alberta, to local newspaper publisher, Charles A


His parents first met while studying at the University of Alberta, and subsequently married in 1937

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