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Jet Li

Actor, Martial Artist
Jet Li’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $210 Million
Industry: Sportspersons
Residence: Beijing, China
Country: Singaporean
BirthDay: 26 April 1963
Sigh: Taurus
Height: 1.68 m

Jet Li was bornon 26 April 1963 in Beijing, China, Singaporean, is Actor, Martial Artist. One of the most famous Asian actors in Hollywood, Jet Li is known for his impressive wushu (martial arts) demonstration. Like some other Chinese actors such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Li has also been able to make his mark in the American entertainment industry. He has acted in a fair number of films, some of which have also been critically praised. Back home, he is a big star who is famous not only for his acting but also for his wushu skills. Li initially started as a wushu practitioner, winning a national championship at the tender age of eleven. As he toured the world demonstrating his talents, the lucrative offer of working in films came his way. Soon, he was seen playing lead roles in some Chinese films, before Hollywood discovered him. With his remarkable martial art exploits and excellent acting skills, he was able to lay an immediate impact on the American audience. His rise to fame was almost instantaneous as most of his movies were blockbusters. Not soon enough, filmmakers signed him to co-star with some great actors of Hollywood, making his journey to stardom even faster and easier. Today, he is one of the very few Chinese actors who have made it large in Hollywood, despite language barriers and cultural differences.


$210 Million


His recent film ‘The Expendables’ was released in 2010


citizenship in 2009 and became a citizen of Singapore


In 2008, he collaborated with actor Jackie Chan to act in ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ which was an utter failure


In 2007, three years after the tsunami catastrophe, he established his own charitable organization ‘The One Foundation’


It was followed by another blockbuster ‘Fearless’ (2006), which was based on the true story of the near-death experience of the martial arts master, Huo Yuanjia


After a break of one year, he made a comeback with the action thriller ‘Unleashed’ in 2005, playing a very serious role


In 2004, this famous Chinese actor was with his family in the Tsunami-hit Maldives


It is also the fourth highest-grossing foreign language film at the box-office and was nominated for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ at the 2003 Academy Awards


In ‘Hero’, a 2002 Chinese film, he played the protagonist, a warrior from 3rd century in China


In 2000, he collaborated with rapper DMX and singer Aaliyah for the movie ‘Romeo Must Die’, which was a huge commercial success


He married actress Nina Li Chi in 1999 and the couple has two daughters from this wedlock as well


His Hollywood debut was with the action-thriller movie ‘Lethal Weapon 4’ in 1994, in which he played the bad guy alongside actors Mel Gibson and Danny Glover


Towards the end of the eighties, he moved to Hong Kong where he signed up the 1991 movie ‘Once Upon a Time in China’, a martial arts action film


Li married actress Huang Qiuyan in 1987 and the couple has two daughters - Si and Taimi


He retired from wushu at 17 and made his debut in the Chinese film industry with the 1982 movie ‘Shaolin Temple’


As a result, he travelled to nearly 45 countries to demonstrate the sport and in 1974 he exhibited it for the U

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