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Jessica Iclisoy

Jessica Iclisoy’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $260 Million
Industry: Other
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Country: United States
Children: 2

Jessica Iclisoy was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. Pregnant in 1990, Iclisoy read baby product labels and saw that most contained harmful chemicals. She started mixing formulas in her kitchen. In 1995, Iclisoy borrowed $2,000 from her mom to launch California Baby. Today her $80 million (2016 sales) company sells 90 nontoxic, organic baby products at stores like Whole Foods and Target. CEO Iclisoy, who never brought in investors, has her own manufacturing facility and makes some of her own ingredients.


$260 Million


$260 Million

I needed to feel like I had complete control. If I brought on investors, they would have their own agenda. We don't have any debt. We're kind of a throwback.

Jessica Iclisoy
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