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Jerry Pournelle

Fiction writer
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Net worth 2018: $700,000
Industry: Writers
Residence: Shreveport
Country: United States
BirthDay: 7 August 1933
Sigh: Virgo
Education: University of Washington

Jerry Pournelle was bornon 7 August 1933 in Shreveport, American, is Fiction writer. Jerry Eugene Pournelle is an American science-fiction writer, essayist and journalist. A lesser known fact about him is that he is a polymath too, with degrees in statistics, systems engineering, psychology and political science. He started writing non-science fiction work under the pseudonym of Wade Curtis or J. E. Pournelle. Critics believe that when it comes to writing, his stories always display a strong military theme and the progress of the people is depicted by, and depended upon, the advancement in technology. Then certain complicated social issues, arising from the technology, are dealt with through politically incorrect ways. Another thing that makes him popular amongst the readers is the various “laws” that he published in his books, the most famous being his Iron Law of Bureaucracy. As a journalist, he earned recognition in the computer industry for his monthly columns called the 'Computing At Chaos Manor' in ‘Byte’ magazine. His columns were the industry's first and the longest-running monthly column, running for a period of over 20 years. After the termination of his contract he moved the column to his own website. He thoroughly opposed the US strategy regarding the gulf war, as he was of the opinion that the money spent on the war could have been used for developing energy technologies


In 2008, Pournelle was diagnosed with a brain tumour


The contract between Pournelle and ‘Byte’ ended in 2006 and neither decided to renew it


In his novel 'Footfall' (1985), elephant-like aliens take control over a part of Kansas


In 1984 the column was renamed to ‘Computing at Chaos Manor’


He began writing the ‘Chaos Manor’ section in the ‘Byte’ magazine in 1979


1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List and 'Lucifer's Hammer' (1977) reached No


During the 1970s and 1980s he wrote articles for the magazine ‘The General’


Jerry Pournelle worked as campaign director for the mayoral campaign of 1969 for Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty, who was a Demaocrat party candidate


He completed his PhD in political science from the University of Washington, in 1964


Jerry Pournelle married Roberta Jane Isdell in 1959 and they have five children together


After his return from the Korean War, he went to the University of Washington and received his BS in psychology and mathematics in 1955


Jerry Pournelle was born on August 7, 1933 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

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