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Jean Monnet

Political Economist & Diplomat
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Net worth 2018: $950,000
Industry: Miscellaneous
Residence: Cognac, France
Country: French
BirthDay: 9 November 1888
Died On: March 16, 1979

Jean Monnet was bornon 9 November 1888 in Cognac, France, French, is Political Economist & Diplomat. Jean Monnet was a French economist who revolutionized the face of Europe by the introduction of the European Union. His contribution in economic recovery of a number of European nations as an international financier is commendable. Working as a French representative on the Inter-Allied Maritime Commission during World War I, his participation in the Paris Peace Conference as well as the League of Nations in his 20s is a clear reflection of his capability. Having partnered with some of the top business names in the world, he became one of the well connected personalities of the world. He worked as a back end to American and European government with a practical and connected outlook on internationalism and in the process became an active member of various committees such as the Franco-British Economic Coordination Committee and the National Liberation Committee. His intelligence, ambition coupled with the ability to foresee is well reflected in his “Victory Program” that helped reorganize the United States and Britain optimally for the World War II. He marked the beginning of the economic planning in the Western Europe at the larger scale post World War II. As a President of the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community, he went on to become the “Father of Europe”. He has been honored by various awards and recognition for his contributions to the European community.


The Jean Monnet house was later taken by The Parliament to be handed over to the Jean Monnet Association in 2000 for its upkeep and maintenance


His remains were shifted to the Pantheon of Paris as per the command of President Francois Mitterand in 1988


Jean Monnet passed away at the age of 90 on 16 March, 1979 while working in his memoirs in his home in Houjarray, Bazoches-sur-Guyonne


Post Gainnini’s death in 1974, Monnet married Silvia canonically in the cathedral of Lourdes


His views on revamping the French economy through modernization were widely acclaimed for and considering the economic renewal, Monnet was made the Planning Commissioner in France in 1945 till 1955


Silvia had a daughter with her first husband, Anna and another one Marianne with Monnet in 1941 after which the family shifted to France in 1945


In 1940 the fear of war was increasing and the US government needed advice when Monnet was a government official again


Monnet became the chairman of the Franco-British Economic Coordination Committee in London in 1939 wherein he influenced Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill into an Anglo-French union; following which he was made a diplomat by the Winston Churchill government


In order to materialize her second marriage, she met Monnet in Moscow in 1934 where her Soviet citizenship was applied for after which she divorced her husband and married Monnet


, which later became Bancamerica-Blair Corporation post a merger with Bank of America in 1929


Monnet moved to America in 1925 where he became a partner in a New York bank, Blair &Co


At the age of 31, the French premier, Georges Clemenceau appointed him as the Deputy Secretary General and financial advisor for the League of Nations at its conception in 1919


Jean Monnet was born on 9 November, 1888 in Cognac, France in a family of merchants

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