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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Philosopher, Writer, & Composer
Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $10 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Geneva
Country: Swiss, French
BirthDay: 28 June 1712
Sigh: Cancer
Died On: July 2, 1778
Education: Social contract theory, Romanticism

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was bornon 28 June 1712 in Geneva, Swiss, French, is Philosopher, Writer, & Composer. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a noted Swiss-born philosopher, writer and composer of the 18th Century Having lost his mother shortly after his birth, he was brought up by his father in an artisans’ neighborhood up to the age of ten. After being abandoned by his father, he grew up under the care of his maternal uncle under humiliating conditions. At sixteen, a freak incident saw him move to Savoy, where he came in contact with the Baronnesse de Warens, under whose guidance he turned into a man of letters. Later he traveled to Paris and took up writing as his career option. Although he gained recognition both as a writer and composer by his late thirties, it was his much later works, ‘Social Contract’ and ‘Emile’, which earned him his place in world literature. Prosecuted by the state for challenging the authorities, he spent his last days moving from place to place. Later, his works inspired generations of reformers to bring about changes in their own countries’ political systems.


Subsequently on 11 October 1794, his remains were moved to the Panthéon in Paris


On 4 July 1778, he was buried at the Île des Peupliers


On August 29, 1768, they went through a marriage ceremony, which was not legally valid


‘Émile, ou De l’éducation’, also published in 1762, is another of his major works


From 1746 to 1752, she bore him five children, each of whom was given away to the Enfants-Trouvés foundling home, ostensibly because Rousseau’s income from writing was too meager to support and educate them


In 1745, Jean-Jacques Rousseau met Marie-Thérèse Levasseur, who came from a respected family, which had fallen into bad times

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