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Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $1.9 Million
Residence: Bryn Mawr
Country: United States
BirthDay: 19 April 1933
Sigh: Taurus
Died On: June 29, 1967
Education: Highland Park High School, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Dallas, University of Texas at Austin, Southern Methodist University

Jayne Mansfield was bornon 19 April 1933 in Bryn Mawr, American. Jayne Mansfield was a popular American actress who acted in films, theatre and television. Apart from that, she was a nightclub entertainer and a singer. Her first big break on stage was “Will success spoil Rock Hunter?” which received huge success. Later, she made several stage appearances and performed in nightclubs .W. Kellman, the producer of the film ‘’The Burglar”, was the first to offer her a dramatic role and she got recognition for her acting ability in this type of role. Her performance in the film “The Wayward Bus” established herself as a serious actress by breaking her image of ‘blonde bombshell’. After the success of “The Girl Can’t Help It”, 20th Century Fox bought her out of her contract with Broadway for a whopping $100,000 and started promoting her. Her first lead role on television was “The Bachelor”. “Kiss Them for Me” was her last starring role in a mainstream Hollywood studio film. She returned to European films with her performance in “The George Raft Story”. Her film “Promises! Promises!” was banned in Cleveland for its obscene content, but it received huge success elsewhere and her name was on the Top 10 list of box-office attractions for the year of 1963.


In the year 1966 she started living with her attorney Sam Brody


In 1964, she tied the nuptial knot for the third time with Matt Cimber, a film director of Italian origin


In 1962, she played a role in “It Happened in Athens” which was a box office failure


After 1959, she did not get any meaningful roles in films


In 1957, she acted in “The Wayward Bus”, adapted from John Steinbeck’s novel


Her first major performance was for Broadway play “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?” In 1956, she acted in the film “The Girl Can’t Help It”


Her work as a model for the February 1955 issue of “Playboy” increased the circulation of the magazine and caught the attention of media and Hollywood as well


In 1954, she moved to Los Angeles and studied Theatre Arts at UCLA


Under Lumet, she made her first stage appearance through “Death of a Salesman” in 1953


In 1952, she returned to Dallas and became a student of Baruch Lumet, a Jewish actor


Around 1951, she worked as a nude model for art classes, sold books and served as receptionist to earn her livelihood


In 1950, she received an offer for a role in Prehistoric Women, a B-grade film


20th Century Fox signed a six-year contract with this talented actress by replacing none other than Marilyn Monroe

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