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James J. Hill

Canadian-American railroad executive, Businessman
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Net worth 2018: $10 Million
Industry: Business People
Residence: Eramosa Township, Ontario, Upper Canada
BirthDay: 16 September 1838
Sigh: Libra
Died On: May 29, 1916
Education: Rockwood Academy (1852)

James J. Hill was bornon 16 September 1838 in Eramosa Township, Ontario, Upper Canada, Canadian, American, is Canadian-American railroad executive, Businessman. James Jerome Hill, a Canadian-American railroad executive and the greatest pioneer in the field of transcontinental railroads, was a visionary who transcended the dreams of a common man and went on to become ‘The Empire Builder.’ It was his relentless hard work and business prowess that led to further railroad development in Northwest America. Born into an impoverished family, he reshaped his own destiny with sheer dedication and foresight. Connecting junctions almost all over North America, it is to his merit that trade and occupations saw a leap in U.S.A. Holding on to his vivid ambition, he climbed up to the helm of America’s transportation business from being the son of a hired peasant. In an interview during his last few years, he was questioned on what led him to rule the railway empire, to which he diligently replied, “Work, hard work, intelligent work, and then more work.” Certainly, nothing came easy for him; he overcame the toughest challenges life could fling at him and yet went on to establish the ‘Great Northern Railroad.’ His life is the perfect example of a journey from obscurity to fame.


$10 Million


He died on 29 May1916 and his body was buried at ‘North Oaks Farm’ but on account of vandalism his coffin was moved to ‘Resurrection Cemetery’ in St


In 1907 he made his son the owner of his business, yet his grit and determination led him to work daily, until just a week before he died


These events led him to be acclaimed as a headstrong businessman who had overcome the ‘Panic of 1893’ and stood like a pillar through America’s financial turmoil


During the late 1880s,he aimed to build a rail route through the Rockies to the Pacific


The couple tied the knot in 1867, their marriage brought ten children into the world, of which one (Katherine) died in infancy


Hence, Hill left school in 1852, and began working at a grocery store to aid in supporting his family

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