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James Clark

Cofounder, Netscape Communications Corporation
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Net worth 2018: $2.09 Billion
Industry: Technology
Residence: Palm Beach, Florida
Country: United States
Children: 4
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of New Orleans; Ph.D, University of Utah; Master of Science, University of New Orleans

James Clark was born in Palm Beach, Florida, United States, is Cofounder, Netscape Communications Corporation. James Clark is #1194 in List Billionaires People In The World. Jim Clark cofounded Netscape but has since multiplied his wealth through timely tech investments. The former Stanford professor got in early on Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Palantir. His latest startup is CommandScape, an app that controls everything from a building's alarms and cameras to its lighting and thermostat. Clark is married to Kristy Hinze, a former Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated model. An ocean lover, his yachts include the 300-foot sailing yacht Athena and the 100-foot racing sailboat Comanche.


$1.2 Billion


$1.4 Billion


$1.4 Billion


$1.85 Billion


$1.9 Billion


$2 Billion


$2.09 Billion

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