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Jack Kilby

Inventor of integrated circuit
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Net worth 2018: Under Review
Residence: Jefferson City
Country: United States
BirthDay: 8 November 1923
Died On: June 20, 2005
Education: University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Great Bend High School

Jack Kilby was bornon 8 November 1923 in Jefferson City, American, is Inventor of integrated circuit. Jack Kilby can be rightly acknowledged as the face of modern computing, for had it not been for his invention of the integrated circuit and microchip, the computer industry wouldn’t have been what it is today. The world today is literally at the palm top, with integrated circuit and microchip meeting much of our daily needs and requirements. Before Kilby invented the integrated circuit, computers were mostly room-sized with a restricted usage. It was his discovery that transformed the machine into the size we use today. The small wonder has revolutionized the way electronic industry works and can be safely regarded as a historical discovery in computer technology. Jack Kilby’s association with science and electronics was long. Having an affinity for physics and mathematics since early on, Kilby, after completing his studies, took up job at Texas Instruments. It was while solving the problem of ‘tyranny of numbers’ that Kilby was first struck with the idea of an integrated circuit. Working along the idea, in 1958, he eventually invented the integrated circuit. For the same, he received numerous prestigious and esteemed awards and honors, including the Nobel Prize. Kilby’s other contribution include invention of thermal printer and world’s first integrated-circuit based calculator


Kilby breathed his last on June 20, 2005 in Dallas, Texas


Meanwhile in 1983, he retired from Texas Instruments


For six years, from 1978 to 1984, Kilby held the position of Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University


With an aim to work independently, Kilby took a leave of absence from Texas Instruments in 1970


In September 1958, he finally came up with the design of an integrated circuit


In 1947, he completed his graduation with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois


Jack Kilby was born on November 8, 1923 in Jefferson City, Missouri

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