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J. M. Coetzee

Novelist, Author
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Net worth 2018: $233.1 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Cape Town
Country: South African
BirthDay: 9 February 1940
Sigh: Pisces
Height: 1.84 m
Education: University of Texas at Austin, University of Cape Town

J. M. Coetzee was bornon 9 February 1940 in Cape Town, South African, is Novelist, Author. John Maxwell ‘J. M.’ Coetzee is a celebrated writer, linguist and essayist from South Africa. He was born and brought up in Cape Town and studied mathematics and English at the University of Cape Town. After that he went to the United Kingdom and worked as a computer programmer and went to University of Texas to do his PhD in English, linguistics and Germanic languages. After the completion of his doctorate he started teaching English literature at the State University of New York, Buffalo. He had to return back to South Africa because he was denied the PR in the U. S. He started teaching at the University of Cape Town and began the journey of writing from there on. He was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature for his novel ‘Dusklands’; he is also a winner of two Booker Prizes and many nominations. He not only writes novels and novellas but has also written collection of essays and fictionalized some of his literary lectures and memoirs. He is a proud owner of numerous honorary doctorates from the prestigious educational institutes from around the world. He lives in Australia now with his long-term partner Dorothy Driver and is an honorary professor at the University of Adelaide.


$233.1 Million


The novel has two storylines - one is on the psychological effects of Vietnam War on people involved in it and the other is on 18th century South Africa


In 2013, ‘The Childhood of Jesus’ was published


In 2002, Coetzee migrated to Australia and lives there now with his partner Dorothy Driver in Adelaide, South Australia, where he has an honorary position at the University of Adelaide


In 90s and 2000s, Coetzee produced literary work like: ‘Age of Iron’, ‘The Master of Petersburg’, ‘Disgrace’, fictionalized memoirs like ‘Boyhood’, ‘Youth’, fictionalized lectures like ‘White Writing’, ‘Giving Offense’, etc


In 1986, Coetzee got another one of his works published, a novel called ‘Foe’


In 1983, his book, ‘Life & Times of Michael K’ was published


In 1980, Coetzee’s book ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ was published, which received lot of international attention


In 1977, he got his novel ‘In the Heart of the Country’ published


In 1974, his first book called ‘Dusklands’ was published


In 1971, he returned to South Africa after being denied the permanent residence in the States


In 1968, after the completion of his PhD, Coetzee began to teach English literature at the State University of New York, Buffalo


In 1965, Coetzee started with a PhD in English, linguistics and Germanic languages at Texas University


In 1963, Coetzee got married for the first time to Philippa Jubber but got divorced in 13 years


In 1962, Coetzee moved to the United Kingdom and started working as a computer programmer there with IBM, London


After finishing school, he went to the University of Cape Town to study mathematics and English and received his Bachelors’ degree in Arts in English language in 1960 and Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Math the next year


Coetzee was born on 9 February 1940 in Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa to Zacharias Coetzee and Vera Coetzee


It was chosen by Penguin publication as one of the ‘Great Books of the 20th Century’

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