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Ivan Gašparovič

Former President of Slovakia
Ivan Gašparovič’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Poltár
Country: Slovak
BirthDay: 27 March 1941
Sigh: Aries
Education: 1964 - Comenius University in Bratislava

Ivan Gašparovič was bornon 27 March 1941 in Poltár, Slovak, is Former President of Slovakia. Ivan Gašparovič, a Slovak politician and lawyer, is best known for his service as the President of Slovakia over the course of ten years. His lengthy presidency marked the first time that a Slovak candidate was re-elected to the office of president. Aside from his service as president, Gašparovič is most widely noted for his non-confrontational style of governance, an attitude which generally won him popularity at home and abroad. His presidency was, however, not without some controversies, most notably his opposition to the erection of sculptures of figures with alleged fascist or Nazi sympathies. His decision not to name a new attorney general during his presidency also invited criticism and some political upset. On a lighter note, Gašparovič is often lampooned in the press and by the Slovak public for his slip of the tongue. Aside from his presidency, Gašparovič achieved early success in academia, serving in various universities and academic councils, as well as holding various governmental positions in the HZDS party (the “Movement for a Democratic Slovakia”). On the international front, Gašparovič’s efforts during his presidency included work with the United Nations aimed at poverty reduction, sustainable development, respect for human rights and responsible arms control.


In July 2013, Gašparovič drew criticism for failing to name a new attorney general into function, despite the candidate being elected by the Slovak parliament


In 2011, Gašparovič was involved in controversy surrounding the erection of a statue of Janos Esterhazy, which Gašparovič opposed due to Esterhazy’s alleged associations with Nazism and fascist movements


In 2009, Gašparovič wrote two books: ‘A Dignified Life for All’ and ‘About Us: Slovakia, Europe, Earth’, publishing the latter in both English and German through the European Academy of Sciences and Arts


He was one of the authors of the Constitution of SlovakiaIn 2006, Gašparovič penned his first autobiographical work, entitled ‘I Think Nationally, Feel Socially’


Throughout his presidency, between 2004 and 2014, Gašparovič gradually gained increasing popularity, despite his unapologetic stance regarding his (unpopular) former role in Mečiar’s presidency


In July 2002, due to internal disputes and differences of opinion with Vladimir Mečiar, Gašparovič left the HZDS and founded a new party together with several other prominent members of Parliament, which they called the HZD or Movement for Democracy (‘Hnutie za demokraciu’)


Between 1998 and 2002, Gašparovič served on the parliamentary Committee for the Supervision of the SIS (Slovak Intelligence Service) as well as a member of the Slovak parliamentary delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Union


In late 1992, Gašparovič also helped to draft the Constitution of Slovakia for the newly formed state


In 1990, following the Velvet Revolution and the democratic election of president Václav Havel, Havel asked Gašparovič to serve as the federal Prosecutor-General for Slovakia


Between 1968 and 1990, Gašparovič taught law at his alma mater, Comenius University


In 1959, Gašparovič moved from Poltár to the capital city of Bratislava to pursue a degree in Law at Comenius University, Slovakia’s foremost university; he finished his degree in 1964


Ivan Gašparovič was born on 27 March 1941, to Roman Catholic parents, in the town of Poltár, in the south-central Banská Bystrica Region of Slovakia, just south of the Tatra mountain range

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