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Imelda Marcos

Filipino Politician
Imelda Marcos’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $5 Billion
Residence: Manila
Country: Filipino
BirthDay: 2 July 1929
Sigh: Leo
Height: 1.7 m
Education: St. Paul University-Manila

Imelda Marcos was bornon 2 July 1929 in Manila, Filipino, is Filipino Politician. Imelda Marcos is a Filipino politician and widow of former President of the Philippines. Known for her flamboyant lifestyle, she took an active role in the political life of her husband, Ferdinand Marcos. The Marcos used their political supremacy to accrue private wealth by corruptly tapping external aid, loans and the profits of private companies into their bank accounts. She, along with her husband, fled to Hawaii after a coupe in 1986. Her husband Ferdinand Marcos died in exile in 1989 and Imelda returned to the Philippines contested for presidency in 1992. Predictably, she won a very small percentage of the vote. During her time as the first lady, she journeyed around the world, spent extravagantly and was elected to the national congress. She became infamous for her wasteful ways and came to be known for her large and ostentatious collection of jewelery, property, shoes, clothes and other luxurious items. While millions of countrymen suffered in poverty, the Marcos’ lived a hedonistic, over-the-top life, which not only affected their public image but also led to various corruption-related charges.


$5 Billion


After her mother passed away in 1938, she attended an all-girls school, Holy Infant Academy in Tacloban, where she studied English among other subjects

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