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Scientist, Physicist, Mathematician
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Net worth 2018: Under Review
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Basra, Iraq
Country: Iraqi
BirthDay: 1 July 0965
Sigh: Leo
Died On: March 6, 1040

Ibn-al-Haytham was bornon 1 July 0965 in Basra, Iraq, Iraqi, is Scientist, Physicist, Mathematician. Ibn-al-Haytham, variously referred to as ‘al-Basri’ or by his Latinized name, ‘Alhazen’ was an illustrious Arab Muslim scientist, philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer. Al-Haytham earned and cemented his place in the hallowed portals of greatest human achievements by making noteworthy contributions to optics, mathematics, astronomy, and other academic disciplines. Regarded as the father of optics, he propounded a hypothesis on visual perception that remained relevant for the subsequent 600 years. Ibn-al-Haytham lived mostly in Cairo, staying in touch with the Fatimid Caliphate, earning his livelihood by duplicating manuscripts, writing treatises, and instructing members of the royal family and nobilities. He garnered fame as a physicist early on in his youth, and was called upon by Al-Hakim, the eccentric Fatimid Caliph to travel to Egypt to dam the turbulent Nile. However, after journeying down the river, he realized that it would be futile to build a dam with the contemporary technology. Given Al-Hakim’s unstable state of mind, al-Haytham was apprehensive of incurring Al-Hakim’s wrath were he to apprised him about the futility of the project, and therefore threw up a tantrum pretending to be insane. His tactic saved his life as he was imprisoned in his own home for the 10 years that Al-Hakim survived which gave him enough time to conduct research on optics, astronomy, arithmetic, geometry, and physics.

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