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Horace Mann

Educator & Politician
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Industry: Miscellaneous
Residence: Franklin
Country: United States
BirthDay: 4 May 1796
Sigh: Gemini
Died On: August 2, 1859
Education: Litchfield Law School, Brown University

Horace Mann was bornon 4 May 1796 in Franklin, American, is Educator & Politician. Horace Mann renowned as the ‘Father of the Common School Movement’ was an American education reformer and politician. He was a pioneer of public education and argued that education in a democratic society should be universal, non-factional and reliable. He believed that unruly children of the country can be best transformed into disciplined, sensible and republican nationals through universal public education. He got extensive support from modernizers including the ones from his Whig Party for establishing public schools. Most of the states followed one of the systems he formed in Massachusetts, particularly the ‘normal school’ program for professional training of teachers. Mostly women were trained in normal schools enabling them to build a new career in teaching. He made effort for well equipped schools, longer school life for students till 16 years of age, elaborate curriculum and good pay for teachers. He served as the Secretary of the ‘Massachusetts State Board of Education’ since its inception. He served the ‘Massachusetts State Legislature’ as a dedicated Whig party member and promoted rapid modernization. He was also elected to the ‘United States House of Representatives’.


He died on August 2, 1859 at the age of 63 years at Yellow Springs, Ohio, U


Though he was defeated by Webster’s supporters at the ensuing nominating convention by one vote, his appeal to people as an independent candidate of anti-slavery re-elected him and he served till March 1853


In September 1852, the ‘Free Soil Party’ nominated him for the governor’s position in Massachusetts


He was engaged in a controversy with Daniel Webster in 1850 on fugitive slave law and slavery extension


In 1848, he resigned from his post as the secretary of the ‘Massachusetts State Board of Education’ to fill up the seat of John Quincy Adams in the ‘United States Congress’


Some of the books of Horace Mann include ‘Lectures on Education’ (1845), ‘A Few Thoughts for a Young Man’ (1850) and ‘Slavery: Letters and Speeches’ (1851)


Since he had a huge fascination for German education system like many other American educators, he went to Germany in 1843 to see how the education system worked


In 1838 he started and edited a biweekly journal ‘The Common School Journal’ which focussed on public schools and their issues


The ‘Massachusetts State Board of Education’, the country’s first board of education, was created in 1837 following an intense reform movement for improving quality of education


He served as a majority leader in the ‘Massachusetts State Senate’ from 1835 to 1837 and as its president in 1836 after being elected from Boston


He made personal effort and established a lunatic asylum at Worcester and chaired the board of trustees in 1833


In 1830, he married Charlotte Messer, daughter of Brown University’s president Asa Messer


He began his career as a law practitioner and thereafter won a seat at the ‘Massachusetts House of Representatives’ from Dedham, Mass, in 1827 and served till 1833


In 1823 he was enrolled in the bar of Norfolk County, Massachusetts


He studied at the ‘Litchfield Law School’ sometime around 1821-23


From 1820 to 1822 he worked as a teacher of Greek and Latin


On May 4, 1796, Horace Mann was born to Thomas Mannand Rebecca Stanley Mann in Franklin, Massachusetts

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