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Henry Kissinger

Diplomat, National Security Advisor (America)
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Net worth 2018: $20 Million
Residence: Germany
Country: United States
BirthDay: 27 May 1923
Sigh: Gemini
Height: 1.75 m
Education: Harvard University

Henry Kissinger was bornon 27 May 1923 in Germany, American, is Diplomat, National Security Advisor (America). Henry Kissinger is a German-born American political scientist, bureaucrat and diplomat who served America as National Security Advisor and later as Secretary of State under the presidency of Richard Nixon and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. As National Security Advisor and Secretary of States, Kissinger adopted the policy of détente in foreign affairs which improved America's deteriorating relations with the world's two super powers - Soviet Union and China. However, his landmark achievement till this day is a ceasefire with Vietnam which brought an end to the long time war between the two countries for which he was awarded the honorary Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. He was one of the few officials of President Nixon to come out with a clean image from the widely condemned Watergate scandal and despite several accusations and impeachments, has continued to hold important positions in the American Government. At present, Kissinger is Chairman of Kissinger Associates Inc., an international consulting firm. As an author he has published numerous books as well as articles on United States foreign policy. His columns appear in leading American and International newspapers.


$20 Million


This American diplomat was the first person to be put on the government’s 9/11 Commission following the September 2001 attacks


Though Kissinger is known for improving American relations with its two primary Cold War enemies, China and the Soviet Union, he is criticized for many flaws as well, like for delaying telling President Nixon about the start of the Yom Kippur War in 1973 in order to keep him from interfering


Under his guidance, US government also supported the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971


Other topics like the Jordan crisis of 1970, the India-Pakistan war of 1971, his secret trip to China, etc


Richard Nixon became the president in 1968 following which he appointed Kissinger as the National Security Advisor


Henry Kissinger became an advisor to Nelson Rockfeller and supported his bid for the Republican nomination for president in 1960, 1964 and 1968


From 1958 to 1971, he served as director of the Harvard Defense Studies Program


’Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy’ published in 1957, is one of his most important works


Around this time, he also released his book ‘Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy’ and worked for the Rockfeller Brothers Fund from 1956 to 1958


In 1955, he became a consultant to the National Security Council’s Operations Coordination Board, as well as study director in nuclear weapons and foreign policy at the Council on Foreign relations


He received his BA degree in political science from Harvard College in 1950, and later his MA and PhD from Harvard University in 1951 and 1952 respectively


In 1945, he was made commandant of the Bansheim metro CIC detachment, Bergstrasse district of Hesse, for de-Nazification of the area


But his studies were interrupted in early 1943, as he had to be drafted into the army


In 1938, because of Nazi persecution, his family had to move to London, England, and finally to New York


Henry Kissinger was born on May 27, 1923 in Furth Bavaria, Germany, into a Jewish family

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