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Henrik Ibsen

Playwright, Poet.
Henrik Ibsen’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $13 Million
Industry: Writers
Residence: Skien
Country: Norwegian
BirthDay: 20 March 1828
Sigh: Aries
Died On: May 23, 1906

Henrik Ibsen was bornon 20 March 1828 in Skien, Norwegian, is Playwright, Poet.. A famous Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet, Henrik Ibsen is often considered as the father of modern theater and one of the founders of Modernism in the theatre. Ibsen is often ranked as one of the greatest playwrights in the European literature, also perhaps the greatest playwright since Shakespeare. He was born in Skien, a small port town in Norway, into one the most prominent families of the town. Initially, they were very rich; but when he was eight years old, his father's bankruptcy led them to sell their palatial home and become social outcast. He soon became reclusive and moody; doing not very well at school, happy to leave his hometown at the age of sixteen. After six years of working at a pharmacist’s shop, he ultimately moved to Oslo, taking up writing as his career. Around the age of 36, he first tasted success and after receiving a traveling scholarship, he left his native land. Staying mostly in Italy and Germany, he wrote many master pieces like ‘Brand’, ‘Peer Gynt’, ‘An Enemy of the People’, ‘Emperor and Galilean’, ‘A Doll's House’, ‘The Wild Duck’ etc. After 27 years of self-imposed exile he returned to Norway at the age of 63, continuing to write until a stroke left him incapacitated at the age of 72.


International Ibsen Award (Den internasjonale Ibsenprisen) was established by Norwegian Government in 2008


In 2006, on the occasion of his death centenary, Ibsen Year was organized by the Government of Norway around the world


In 1995, the asteroid 5696 Ibsen was named in his honor


Thereafter, he suffered a series of strokes, dying from it on 23 May 1906


Their only son, Sigurd Ibsen, grew up to become a renowned lawyer and statesman, playing an important role in the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905


In March 1900, Henrik Ibsen suffered from his first stroke, which left him incapable of writing


Thereafter, its second and third editions were published on 4 January and 8 March 1880 respectively, each being sold out very quickly


'Et dukkehjem' (A Doll's House), first published on 21 December 1879, is one of Ibsen's most popular works


In 1846, while living at Grimstad, Henrik Ibsen developed a liaison with his employer’s maid, Else Sophie Jensdatter Birkedalen, fathering a boy named Hans Jacob Hendrichsen Birkdalen with her


In 1843, as he reached fifteen, in accordance with Norwegian tradition, Ibsen was confirmed and taken away from school


In 1836, the family sold Stockmannsgarden, moving to their sole properly, a small and dilapidated farmhouse called Venstøp, located in the outskirts of Skien


Henrik Johan Ibsen was born on 20 March, 1828 in Skien, a small port town in Telemark county of Norway, noted for timber trading

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