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Gustav Magnar Witzoe

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Net worth 2018: $2.34 Billion
Residence: Kverva, Norway
Country: Norway

Gustav Magnar Witzoe was born in Kverva, Norway, Norway. Gustav Magnar Witzoe is #1279 in List Billionaires People In The World. Gustav Magnar Witzoe, 23, owns 47% of Salmar ASA's equity, which was gifted to him in 2013 by his father Gustav Witzoe. The Norwegian salmon producer, one of the world's largest, was founded by the elder Witzoe in 1991. Salmar has led the industrialization of fish farming in Norway, refining the product that before primarily had been exported as gutted and frozen into a more sophisticated cuts with higher margins. Fish farming is now one of Norway's biggest industries. Witzoe's father still runs the company. The younger Witzoe, meanwhile, is trying to make his own mark investing in real estate and as a tech start-up investor.


$1.1 Billion


$1.6 Billion


$2.34 Billion


In 2013, Witzøe's father transferred 47% of the company to him to allegedly avoid a large inheritance tax bill


Gustav Magnar Witzøe (born 1993) is a Norwegian billionaire and significant shareholder of salmon fish farming company Salmar ASA

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