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MaNa (Grzegorz Komincz)

StarCraft II Player
MaNa (Grzegorz Komincz)’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $177 Thousand
Country: Poland
BirthDay: 14 December 1993
Sigh: Capricorn

Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz is a Polish StarCraft II player, formerly a StarCraft: Brood War player.Overall RankingAt present, MaNa is ranked #408 in highest overall earnings, and #8 in highest earnings for players from Poland.Prize Money Earned Under 18 Years of AgeBefore his 18th birthday, MaNa was awarded $41,212.53 in cash prizes from 35 tournaments. 23.24% of his total prize money was earned before December 14, 2011.Largest Prize from a Single TournamentThe largest cash prize that MaNa has been awarded from a single tournament was $20,000.00 from ESWC 2012 (StarCraft II) on November 3, 2012. His 1st place finish makes up 11.28% of his total prize money won.$100,000 MilestoneMaNa obtained $100,000 in total prize money earned on March 9, 2013 with a $3,500.00 cash prize from his 5th-8th place finish at IEM VII - World Championship (StarCraft II). Prize money from 62 tournaments got him to that point.Recent EarningsIn the last 90 days, MaNa has won $635.00 in cash prizes from 2 tournaments, $600.00 (or 94.49%) of which came in the last month.


$177 Thousand


Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz is a Protoss player from Poland, currently playing for Team Liquid and formerly playing for mousesports.

MaNa played StarCraft: Brood War and was a notable player, making it into TSL2. He has also stated in his StarCraft II stream that his StarCraft: Brood War ICCup rank was A.[Citation needed]

MaNa was part of ESC ICYBOX's Brood War team featuring players such as White-Ra, Strelok, Ret and IefNaij. The team was acquired by mousesports on the 3rd of January 2010,[1] and by the 24th of March, mousesports announced that the team, including MaNa, had made the transition to the StarCraft II beta.[2] After leaving mousesports at the end of 2013, he joined Team Liquid on February 21, 2014.[3]

MaNa was one of the better players in Poland towards the end of Brood War, having placed second at the WCG Poland 2010. He played for the German ESC ICYBOX team, together with players such as Ret and White-Ra, which, in January 2010, was acquired by mousesports. In late March 2010, MaNa was announced as one of the players on the mouz roster to have changed focus to the StarCraft II beta.

In November 2010, he attended his first big event in StarCraft II: the DreamHack Winter 2010 in Jönköping, Sweden. MaNa was one of the eight players who qualified through the BYOC competition held a day before the event, earning himself 3000 SEK (~$445). In the main tournament, he upset players such as TheLittleOne and LaLuSh, making it out of his group and eventually reaching the final after defeating MorroW, Socke and Fenix. MaNa lost in the finals 2-3 to Naama, his teammate. This second place finish won him 30,000 SEK ($4,300).

MaNa continued to show top form at the HomeStory Cup II in January 2011, defeating MorroW and Adelscott in the Winners Bracket, and then losing to NaNiwa. He continued his journey in the lower bracket, defeating Naama and Socke to Ultimately fall again to NaNiwa, and taking home the bronze medal and $400.

MaNa spent the next few months of 2011 lying low, presumably due to academic pursuits, however he made a come back in May and June 2011, being instrumental in mousesports' Victory in the Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series V, being both a 2v2 player, and the solo ace for the German side.

In the meantime, however, he still proved to be one of the top foreigners in solo tournaments, placing third, and earning $200 at the SHOUTcraft Invitational 1, defeating Kas 3-0, losing to MorroW, and then winning the third place match against White-Ra 3-2.

MaNa displayed impressive form at the ASUS ROG Summer 2011, where he went 3-0 in the groups, defeating DarKFoRcE, Jimpo, as well as eliminating tournament favourite HuK. In the playoffs, MaNa defeated NaDa, SjoW and Brat_OK to reach the grand final, where he lost 2-3 to DIMAGA, taking home $5,750.

In the same month of August, MaNa earned another $8,000. $6,000 came from his third place in the IPL Season 2, for which he had qualified in May. He defeated DarKFoRcE, Fenix, ThorZaIN and IdrA but subsequently lost to White-Ra and Nerchio. The other €1,100 came from his first place at the ESET Summer Masters 2011, where he took his revenge over DIMAGA 3-1 in the Grand Final.

MaNa attended the IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Cologne as a last minute replacement for the Chinese spot, and claimed the top spot in his group of death featuring PuMa, SaSe and Stephano. In the playoffs, he defeated mOOnGLaDe, but lost to MC. He eventually won the match for the bronze against Socke, earning $1,750, making it his fourth Top 3 finish in a Premier event.

MaNa continued his runner up streak in October, as he qualified for the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011. Whilst he struggled in the group stage, having to play a tie-breaker against biGs and sYz in order to proceed to the playoffs, he repented through his performance in the following day, showing off his PvP to defeat Socke, MC and Grubby. He lost in the Grand Final against Stephano, taking home $12,000.

Throughout the rest of year, MaNa helped cement mousesports' position as one the best foreign teams through performances in team leagues. On the same weekend as the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011, at the Paris Games Week 2011, mouz was crowned the winner of the Medion Trophy PGW 2011, earning another $6,000. Later in 2011, mousesports won the Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series VI again, placed third in the GosuCoaching Premiere League Season 2, and second at the IPL Team Arena Challenge 1.

On January 14, 2012, MaNa was invited to participate in the IPL Fight Club. His first opponent was GanZi. MaNa defeated GanZi by a score of 5-4 and took his rightful seat at top of the throne. On January 21, 2012, MaNa faced his next opponent for the IPL Fight Club, Nerchio. This was where his streak ended as he lost to Nerchio by a score of 1-5 and allowed Nerchio to overthrow him.

mousesports placed second, and earned $3,000 at the North American Star Team League. mouz received a direct invite into the event, and went on to place third at the regular season, behind Team Liquid and Team Empire. In the playoffs, mousesports defeated Team Empire, but lost to Team Liquid in the Grand Final.

In April 2012, he went back to France to compete at the Gamers Assembly 2012, where he lost to his team-mate, biGs in the Grand Final, taking home €1,500, but managed to win a side tournament, the Medion All Star Trophy, where he took his revenge on biGs in the semifinals, and defeated another team-mate, HasuObs in the Grand Final to take home the €1,000 prize.

Surprisingly, despite being one of the most highly decorated foreigners, MaNa was not playing full-time until Summer 2012.

MaNa's full-time career started off with three challenges: the rise of another Champion from his own country, namely Nerchio; the significant weakening of the mousesports roster with the DeParture of biGs, ThorZaIN and MorroW; and his statistically weak PvZ. This was apparent in May and early June, just before he turned full-time.

In May 12, 2012, MaNa participated in the 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series Nationals Poland. MaNa defeated Zazu and DieStar before falling to Nerchio and falling to the losers bracket. MaNa faced DieStar again and beat him to advance into the finals to face Nerchio. MaNa lost to Nerchio by a score of 2-0, 0-2, and had to settle for 2nd place.

On June 2, 2012, MaNa participated in the IPL 5 European Regional Qualifiers. He received a BYE in round one, and then went on to take down ClouD, LucifroN, LiveZerg and then went on to advance in to the finals to face Snute. He was not able to grab take first place and ended up taking second place after losing to Snute by a score of 0-2, thus failing to qualify for the prestigious IGN ProLeague Season 5.

A mere three weeks later, MaNa travelled to Sweden to compete at DreamHack Open: Summer 2012. MaNa came out of groups and defeated Cytoplasm convincingly in the round of 16. He then defeated HerO 2-1, a player who had a Perfect 20-0 map record up to that point in the tournament and considered a favorite to win.[Citation needed] In the semifinals, he defeated Stephano 2-0, a player widely regarded then as the best non-Korean player in the world.[Citation needed] In the final he faced DIMAGA in a rematch of the ASUS ROG Summer 2011 final. This time, however, MaNa won the series with a 3-1 map score to become the winner of the Championship, taking home 100,000 SEK ($14,400). The tournament marked MaNa's first Victory in a premier event after coming in second several times (in DreamHack Winter 2010, Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 and ASUS ROG Summer 2011).

On July 10, MaNa announced that he would be going to Korea on August 10 with his brother funkay,[4] with the objective of staying in the GOMTV Foreigner House and will participating in the GSL Season 4 Up and Down matches.

MaNa got a seed into the Up & Down matches of 2012 GSL Season 4.On August 27, 2012 he participated in the matches where he defeated KeeN and HyuN, and lost to Bomber advancing 2nd in his group to Code S with a score of 2-1, becoming the first foreigner to reach Code S in this manner.

In Round of 32, MaNa was drawn in a "group of death", facing TaeJa, Mvp and MMA. He finally was defeated 0-2, losing against TaeJa 1-2, and MMA 0-2 in the loser's match, falling in Code A. Here he was taken out 2:1 by asd. Given his recent prowess in the PvT matchup it was somewhat disheartening to his fans for him to drop out to a series of terrans.

On his return from Korea, MaNa was faced with a packed schedule, including the TeamLiquid StarLeague 4, for which he qualified in June after beating SeleCT. He lost in the RO32 against Hack. In September, he represented Poland, together with Nerchio, at the WCS Europe Finals, where his PvZ weakness acted up, winning his first match against DeMusliM, and getting knocked down to the loser bracket by Bly. In the loser bracket, he defeated team-mate HasuObs, but lost against the Swedish representative, SortOf, to place in the Top 16, and take home $900.

In October, he traveled to Romania to defend his DreamHack title, at the 2012 DreamHack Open: Bucharest. He topped the first and second group stages without dropping a series, defeating Beastyqt, PoYo, DeathAngel and Naama. In the playoffs, he defeated White and Sage, but once again lost to Bly, taking the 3rd/4th place, and earning $3,000.

MaNa represented Poland again in November, this time at the Electronic Sports World Cup 2012, where merely a year before, he had placed second, after losing to Stephano. In the group stage, MaNa lost a set to the relative unknown Czech player TomikuS, but defeated the Libyan and Romanian representatives to get through to the playoffs. He defeated TitaN and TargA, to face Stephano again in the semifinals, but this time, the Polish player took his revenge 2-1, to face ForGG in the Grand Finals. MaNa's PvT Special">Speciality shone as he easily defeated the South Korean Terran 2-0, to win the title of world Champion, and earned himself $20,000.

His DreamHack Open: Summer 2012 Victory gave MaNa an automatic spot in the DreamHack Open: Winter 2012, the largest and final DreamHack event of the year. MaNa's performance at the Premier events was also rewarded with a direct invite to the Iron Squid – Chapter II.

Before these events would begin MaNa participated in many smaller online events and qualifiers throughout November. Her regularly played in his team's main lineup in the EG Masters Cup Group Stage. Although the team struggled overall, he was able to pull through with 2 match victories over JonnyREcco to win their match against Dignitas. He also participated in the Qualifiers for the MSI Pro Cup Worldwide, but lost early on to LiveZerg and was knocked out. In the THOR Open Qualifiers he took wins over viPro, effecto, and SodoN to reach the finals, but there he lost 3 - 2 to Bischu. Throughout this time he also played in NASL Season 4 Group Stage. Although he was unable to beat HerO and Beastyqt, he finished with a 4 - 4 record that qualified him for the Wildcard Matches.

On November 22, 2012, MaNa entered Dreamhack Open Winter 2012, which he had qualified for through previous Dreamhack events. Placed in the largely protoss group of Feast, Socke, Bly, SaSe, and StarNaN, MaNa would go almost undefeated, losing only a single series 2 - 1 to Feast. However in the Main Bracket he would lose 3 - 0 in his first match to his countryman Nerchio. He achieved a final placement of 5th-8th.

MaNa would finish out the year in rather unimpressive fashion given his recent success in Dreamhack events. He would fall out of the RSL Season 3 in the Group Stage with back to back losses to Strelok and LoWeLy. He attended HomeStory Cup 6 and was placed in Group A with Snute, Symbol, and DIMAGA, however after losses to Snute and Symbol he was knocked out in the Group Stage again. After being invited to Iron Squid - Chapter II, MaNa played in Group G in late December. Although he was able to beat Miniraser, losses to Stephano and Mvp would knock him out in the Group Stages once again.

After some time off MaNa returned to the scene in January with the somewhat local IEM Katowice. MaNa made and impressive run through the Open Bracket to qualify for the group stage, where he was placed in Group B with PartinG, LucifroN, Bly, Tefel, and Siphonn. Although he lost matches to PartinG and Bly, he was able to advance out of the Group Stage with wins over the rest of the group, including an impressive 2 - 0 Victory over LucifroN. In the Main Bracket however he would lose 2 - 3 to TLO in his first match for a final placement of 9th-12th.

MaNa would go inactive for some time following this tournament, but would return again in March for the IEM Season 7 World Championship. He was placed in Group C with viOLet, Sting, Socke, VortiX, and Snute. MaNa would advance in Second with place with an impressive 8-5 record losing only a single Best of 3 to viOLet. In the first round of the Main Bracket MaNa would take his revenge on Nerchio, beating him 3 - 2. He would lose in the Quarterfinals to Mvp for a final standing of 5th-8th place.

MaNa struggled to transition Heart of the Swarm and the WCS, and a cooler run of form saw him opt to leave mousesports at the end of his contract in December 2013. He displayed some flashes of his old form in an upset of Jaedong at IEM Season VIII - Cologne, leading Team Liquid to sign him on February 22 along with Bunny.

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