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Greta Garbo

Film actress
Greta Garbo’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $55 Million
Residence: Stockholm
BirthDay: 18 September 1905
Sigh: Libra
Died On: April 15, 1990
Education: Dramatens elevskola

Greta Garbo was bornon 18 September 1905 in Stockholm, Swedish, American, is Film actress. Greta Garbo starred in movies of both the silent and the talkies eras, one of the few artists who made the transition very successfully. She is remembered for her elusive persona and husky voice. She was not just beauty but matched it with her intelligence and love for independence. Despite the fact that most of her movies were MGM productions; she would not let the banner unduly exploit her popularity. In fact, she was perhaps the first actor to assert herself using her fame. At the same time, she would go any length to ensure that nothing affected her performance by being punctual at the sets and always well prepared for the role she was to essay. She could romance, play the vamp or shine in a comic role with ease. Her role as a prostitute in ‘Camille’ is considered by critics to be her best. It is said of her acting technique that her eyes did all the acting. She introduced the method of underplaying expressions which was innovative, unique and much ahead of the time. Starting from a small role in a Swedish movie till the time she retired her career was one of unmatched success. Despite her immense popularity, she could never win an Oscar for her performances.


$55 Million


Even though she had a successful recovery from breast cancer, she died due to renal failure on 15 April, 1990


S citizen in 1951, dabbled in real estate and art and spend a major part of her life travelling all over Europe


The 1941 comedy ‘The Two-faced Woman’ was her very last film


‘Camille’ released in 1936 was about a Parisian courtesan who falls in love with a French noble man


Her performance in the 1935 MGM production ‘Anna Karenina’ as a woman entwined in an extra-marital love affair and love for her own son whom she is prohibited from seeing, was critically well received


The 1932 multi starrer, Grand Hotel was her most commercially successful film


In 1931 she acted in and as Mata Hari opposite Ramon Navarro, the Mexican star


’Anna Christie’ released in 1930 was her first sound movie


Her first American hit was ‘The Torrent’ in 1926


In 1924 Stiller cast her in his film ‘The Legend of Gosta Berling’


In 1922, she enrolled as a student on scholarship at the celebrated ‘Royal Dramatic Theatre’, but she dropped midway from the course after meeting Mauritz Stiller, the famous Swedish film director


In 1918, she discontinued her schooling to take care of her ailing father


Greta Garbo was born, on September 18, 1905, as Greta Lovisa Gustafson, in Stockholm to Karl and Anna

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