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Gough Whitlam

Former Prime Minister of Australia
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Net worth 2018: $900,000
Industry: Prime Ministers
Residence: Kew Vic
Country: Australian
BirthDay: 11 July 1916
Sigh: Leo
Died On: October 21, 2014
Education: University of Sydney, Canberra Grammar School, Mowbray House School

Gough Whitlam was bornon 11 July 1916 in Kew Vic, Australian, is Former Prime Minister of Australia. Gough Whitlam was Australia’s Prime Minister and a visionary who had ideas much ahead of his time. This academic genius was able to set Australia’s future agenda for social policy, national identity, and foreign relations in his short three year reign. During his time he made some serious and controversial decisions such as the removal of troops from Vietnam, the release of all draft resisters, and the recognition of Communist China. His parliament passed a record breaking amount of progressive and groundbreaking Bills. He tackled globally controversial issues like health insurance, wildlife conservation, racial discrimination, and divorce. He was greatly interested in international matters and traveled more often than any previous Prime Minister. It would seem that this man would be the perfect leader except his achievements were highly shadowed by his lack of economic and political skill. When it came to financial matters his clumsy and unsure nature created the budget mess which eventually led to his dismissal. When the opposition refused to pass the budget the government’s monetary supply was halted and Whitlam was effectively removed from office. After a few years of political defeat he decided to retire. He wrote and took tours around Europe for the remainder of his life. To know more about his life and works read on.


He passed away on October 21, 2014 of old age at 98


He was appointed as Australian Ambassador to UNESCO, in 1983


In the 1977 election he lost and decided to quit the party leadership


In 1975, the revolutionary ‘Family Law Act’ was enacted


In January of 1973 he recognized Communist China and resumed diplomatic relations with the country which had been halted for over 24 years


On December 5, 1972 he became the first Prime Minister hailing from Labor Party


In 1960 he became deputy leader of the ‘American Labor Party’ by election


In late November of 1952 he was elected to the House of Representatives


In 1947 he was admitted to the New South Wales and federal courts after completing his law degree


On August 8, 1945 he decided to join the ‘Labor Party’


He was not called right away but in June of 1942 he was called to service


In 1935 he began studying at the ‘University of Sydney’ where he received his arts degree and law degree


He actually received his leaving certificate for high school in 1931 but was unable to go to university at the young age of 15

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