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Goran Bregović

Goran Bregović’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $90 Million
Industry: Musicians
Residence: Sarajevo
Country: Yugoslav
BirthDay: 22 March 1950
Sigh: Aries
Height: 1.82 m
Education: University of Belgrade

Goran Bregović was bornon 22 March 1950 in Sarajevo, Yugoslav, is Musician. Goran Bregovic is a popular Balkan musician. Born in a time of shifting geopolitical alliances, Goran was a biracial child of humble origins. After a short but tempestuous marriage left his parents divorced, he was haphazardly raised by his mother. Although from a young age he was drawn to musical instruments, he was repeatedly told that he had no viable talent. After shuttling between schools over disciplinary issues, he was abandoned by his mother and forced to fend for himself. As a young man, he joined a musical group. After a rocky start, Goran Bregovic found his footing with a band that soon rose to the top of the charts in Yugoslavia and much of Communist Eastern Europe. After selling millions of records, the band decided to split apart. Bregovic then bore the brunt of post-independence geopolitical instability while working on collaborations with prominent global musicians. Simultaneously, this skilled musician began to focus on his talents for composing emotional and moving scores and soundtracks for dozens of films. He later assembled an orchestra to perform his works, and continues to give many concerts throughout Europe and across the globe. Now a cultural icon throughout the Balkans, and indeed the world, Goran Bregovic continues to be a respected and admired musician


$90 Million


As of 2015, this tremendously skilled musician continues to tour and write music


In 2012, he released the album 'Champagne for Gypsies' as a way to protest the way that Gypsies have been treated in Europe


In 2010, the Serbian musician composed the song 'Ovo Je Balkan', which became the nation’s entry in the ‘Eurovision’ contest


In 2008, this iconic musician broke his back after falling from a tree


The following year, in 2006, Bregovic contributed to the soundtrack of the film 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America to Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan'


In 2005, Bregovic agreed to participate in three concerts with a briefly re-united ‘White Button’


In 1999, he recorded an album with fellow singer-songwriter Kayah, entitled 'Kayah and Bregovic'


The famous Balkan musician stormed out of a film festival in 1998 because he was unhappy with his hotel room


In 1997, Bregovic collaborated with Sezen Aksu on her album 'Wedding and Funeral'


In 1994, the polished musician created the soundtrack for 'La Reine Margot'


In 1993, Goran wrote the score for the film 'Arizona Dream'


In 1990, he composed the score for the films 'The Serbian Girl', 'The Little One' and 'Caruga'


In 1977, he composed the score for the film 'Butterfly cloud'


In 1974, Bregovic's band changed its name to 'White Button'


In 1969, when Bregovic was 18 years old, he was invited to join a musical band named 'Kodeksi'


In 1960, his parents divorced and the young lad moved to Sarajevo to live with his mother


In 1957, Goran played violin in a music school but was deemed untalented and involuntarily expelled


Goran Bregović was born on March 22, 1950 in Sarajevo, the People's Republic of Bosnia Herzegovina, part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

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