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FTD.ZSMJ, LGD.ZSMJ.sGty, sGty.Zsmj.FTD, TongFu.ZSMJ, ZSMJ (Gong, Jian)

Gong "ZSMJ" Jian - Dota 2 Player
FTD.ZSMJ, LGD.ZSMJ.sGty, sGty.Zsmj.FTD, TongFu.ZSMJ, ZSMJ (Gong, Jian)’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $49 Thousand
Industry: Dota 2 Player
Country: China
BirthDay: 11 January 1990
Sigh: Aquarius

Gong "ZSMJ" Jian is a Chinese Dota 2 player, formerly a DotA: Allstars player.Overall RankingZSMJ is presently ranked #1318 in highest overall earnings, and #168 in highest earnings for players from China.Largest Prize from a Single TournamentThe largest amount of prize money awarded to ZSMJ from a single tournament was $24,460.20 from DAC 2015 on February 9, 2015. His 7th-8th place finish makes up 50.27% of his total prize money won.


$49 Thousand


Dota 2:

Gong "ZSMJ" Jian is a DotA player from China, who last played for White Fries Gaming.

ZSMJ is a member of the first generation Chinese Dota players.

ZSMJ made a name for himself during the DotA era, as a member of team For The Dream. He notably played a key role in his team's Victory in the SMM 2009 and became one of the best-known carries in the Chinese scene.[citation needed] Later in the year, the team was absorbed by LGD Gaming, and went on to DomiNate the first half of 2010. Following a slump during the second half of the year, the roster led by ZSMJ started 2011 convincingly, with his victories in the StarsWar 6 and at G-League.[1]

On August 2, 2011, LGD's roster had four players (ch, 830, ChuaN and YYF) poached by new gaming team Invictus Gaming, therefore leaving ZSMJ alone in the team.[1] A week later, LGD unveiled its new line-up built and led by ZSMJ as it welcomed xiao8 and DDC (from Invictus Gaming), Yao (from Nirvana.cn), and DD (from TyLoo).[2]

ZSMJ announced his retirement from competitive DotA on November 19, 2011, stating that he hadn't been performing well during the last months and didn't wish to drag his team down any further, and that he missed the rivalry between 2010's top three (EHOME, Nirvana.cn, LGD).[3] In March 2012, he was reported to be considering to join EHOME, but complications arose due to a conflict of personal values, and the transfer was dropped.[4][5]

Even though he retired from competitive play, ZSMJ didn't rule out the possibility of switching to a Dota 2 career, and asked for a beta key to play his first games during the summer 2012.[6] In October 2012, he was rumored to be on the verge of returning to the competitive scene.[7] In early December, he confirmed that he would be making a Dota 2 team.[8]

After rumors of forming his team under LGD, ZSMJ eventually signed with Vici Gaming to lead their B-team. He was quickly promoted to their A-team, which had seen some success in G-League 2012 Season 2 and eventually lost due to a lack of experience. The addition of ZSMJ to the squad saw an improvement in results as ZSMJ led the team to finish 2nd in Netolic Pro League Season 2 and get off to a strong start in Dota 2 Super League.

Following several team shuffles including a short stint with Newbee, ZSMJ was announced to have joined Team HGT, also known as HyperGloryTeam in March 2014. It was here that he claimed his first Dota 2 title, the first season of WVW National Electronic Sports Classic. After this, HyperGloryTeam managed to qualify for premium-level tournaments such as WEC 2014 and i-League season 2, accumulating prize money along the way.

As 2015 approached, so did the Dota 2 Asia Championships. HyperGloryTeam qualified for them through the wild card, and finished 11th in the group stages, allowing them to play in the first round of the main event's lower bracket. After surprisingly defeating Natus Vincere in a best of 1 game, they were defeated 2-0 and eliminated from the tournament by Cloud9, finishing 7th-8th place and winning ~$115,335, ZSMJ's biggest winnings yet. Later on, HyperGloryTeam were invited to the Chinese qualifiers of The International 2015 but were eliminated in the group stages and thus eliminated from TI5 contention. Shortly after he left HGT on September 4th 2015.

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