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Gina Rinehart

Executive Chairman, Hancock Prospecting
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Net worth 2018: $17.25 Billion
Industry: Billionaire
Residence: Perth
Country: Australia
BirthDay: 9 February 1954
Sigh: Pisces
Children: 4

Gina Rinehart was bornon 9 February 1954 in Perth, Australia, is Executive Chairman, Hancock Prospecting. Gina Rinehart is #74 in List Billionaires People In The World. Gina Rinehart is Australia's richest citizen, but her wealth is built on iron ore and so her fortune can either jump or plummet depending on the price of the commodity. The daughter of high profile iron-ore explorer Lang Hancock, Rinehart took her late father's bankrupted estate and rebuilt it into something much larger. The biggest piece of her fortune comes from Hope Downs, a joint-venture with Rio Tinto. The other is the massive Roy Hill project, a world-class iron ore mine in Western Australia, which started shipments to Asia in 2015. She is also Australia's third-largest cattle producer, with a portfolio of 23 properties across Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.


$1.9 Billion


$2 Billion


$9 Billion


$18 Billion


$17 Billion


$17.7 Billion


$12.3 Billion


$8.8 Billion


$15 Billion


$17.25 Billion


Yet according to the 2017 Financial Review Rich 200, Rinehart had an estimated net worth of $10


In May 2016 she had fallen from wealthiest Australian in 2011 to fourth with A$6


The arrangement was renewed for a further 2 years in August 2015 and includes naming rights to various Swimming Australia events, including the Australian Swimming Championships


Rinehart had acquired a 50% stake in Liveringa and Nerrima Stations in 2014 for A$40 million in 2014


Rinehart's wealth rankings since 2013 have been adversely impacted by the fall in the wholesale iron ore price and the fall in the AUD/USD exchange rate


In 2012 Swimming Australia announced a $10 million funding arrangement over 4 years with the Georgina Hope Foundation in conjunction with Hancock Prospecting


In June 2011, Citigroup estimated that she was on course to overtake Carlos Slim, the Mexican magnate worth £46 billion (US$74 billion) and Bill Gates, who is worth £35 billion (US$56 billion), mainly because she owns her companies outright


According to BRW, she became Australia's richest woman in 2010, and Australia's richest person in 2011, and the first woman to lead the list


In 2007, she first appeared on Forbes Asia Australia's 40 Richest, with an estimated wealth of US$1 billion; more than doubling that the next year to US$2


In a 2006 Business Review Weekly article reviewing the way Australia's rich support philanthropy, it was noted that Rinehart prefers to keep a low profile, partly to avoid being "harassed by other charities" and partly for reasons of privacy


In 2003 at age 27 Rinehart's son John changed his surname by deed poll from his birth name Hayward to his maternal grandfather's name Hancock Since 2014, Gina Rinehart's relationship with her son John has been difficult; She was not present at his wedding to Gemma Ludgate


She oversaw a rapid expansion of the company over the following decade, and due to the iron ore boom of the early 2000s became a nominal billionaire in 2006


In 1999, the Western Australian state government approved a proposal to name a mountain range in honour of her family


Rinehart first appeared on the 1992 BRW Rich 200 list, published annually in the Business Review Weekly (BRW), following the death of her father earlier that year


"In 1988, Lang Hancock established the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust, nominating Rinehart as trustee, with his four grandchildren named as beneficiaries


They had two children, Hope and Ginia, born in 1986 and 1987 respectively


In 1983 she married corporate lawyer Frank Rinehart, in Las Vegas


Their children John Langley and Bianca Hope were born in 1976 and 1979 respectively


In 1973, at age 19, Rinehart met Englishman Greg Milton while both were working in Wittenoom


In the 1970s, Rinehart was an active supporter of the Westralian Secession Movement, which her father had founded to work for the secession of Western Australia from the rest of the country


With the notable exception of receiving a royalty stream from Hamersley Iron since the late 1960s, Lang Hancock's mining activities were mainly related to exploration and the accumulation of vast mining leases


Georgina Hope "Gina" Rinehart (née Hancock, formerly Hayward; born 9 February 1954) is an Australian mining magnate who is chairman of Hancock Prospecting, a privately owned mineral exploration and extraction company founded by her father Lang Hancock

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