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George Kaiser

Chairman, BOK Financial
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Net worth 2018: $8.01 Billion
Industry: Energy
Residence: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Country: United States
BirthDay: 29 July 1942
Sigh: Leo
Children: 3
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Harvard University; Master of Business Administration, Harvard University

George Kaiser was bornon 29 July 1942 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States, is Chairman, BOK Financial. George Kaiser is #207 in List Billionaires People In The World. In the 1930s Kaiser's parents fled Nazi Germany and settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma. George took over Kaiser-Francis Oil Company in the 1960s. Kaiser bought Bank of Oklahoma in 1991 for $60 million; his stake is now worth $3 billion. Has donated more than $4 billion to his charitable foundations, which focus on early childhood education.


$9.5 Billion


$9.4 Billion


$10 Billion


$10 Billion


$10 Billion


$10.6 Billion


$8.8 Billion


$7.2 Billion


$7.9 Billion


$8.01 Billion

Those who have won the ovarian lottery by being born in an advanced society to loving parents have a special obligation to help restore the American Dream.

George Kaiser

The foundation was instrumental in the funding of Tulsa's Woody Guthrie Center, which opened in 2013, and then in facilitating (together with the University of Tulsa) the acquisition in 2016 of Bob Dylan's 6,000-piece archive, which will be maintained by archivists at the university's Helmerich Center for American Research at Gilcrease Museum


An 2011 article by Bill Allison of the Sunlight Foundation analyzed Kaiser's business activities and his use of legal tax avoidance strategies, including how during the 1980s bust in the oil industry in Oklahoma and Texas, Kaiser bought up struggling energy companies whose losses provided him with tax deductions that effectively offset his own income and left him with little or no tax liability


The company has revealed that the foundation invested $340 million in the venture in July 2009, and subsequently gave preferential consideration to a plant site proposed for an economically depressed area of North Tulsa


Kaiser was a fundraiser for the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama, and functioned as a campaign bundler for Obama: an individual who collects contributions to a candidate from others that are then simultaneously given to the candidate


At one 2007 event for Obama, he raised more than $250,000


Beginning with gifts from seventeen local philanthropists, by 2006 this foundation had grown to become the largest community foundation in the United States, and now has approximately four billion dollars in assets


Kaiser's philosophy about anonymous charitable giving reportedly is, ""Naming rights are a seductive philanthropic inducement, yet more anonymous operational support may better advance the charitable purpose,"A Wall Street Journal article reported in 2004 that campaign contribution records showed that Kaiser had donated $10,000 to Democratic Party political candidates for every $1,000 that he gave Republican Party candidates


Kaiser's family foundation is also the largest contributor to the Tulsa Community Foundation, which Kaiser established in 1998 because of his perception that Tulsa's historical dependence on unorganized private giving from its wealthy families was no longer effective


Herman died in Tulsa on October 14, 1992 at the age of 88


In 1990, Kaiser bought Bank of Oklahoma out of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation receivership


George Kaiser took control of Kaiser-Francis Oil Company in 1969, after his father had a heart attack


Foreign Service, but instead returned to Tulsa in 1966 to work for his father


from Harvard College in 1964 and an MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1966


Kaiser was born on July 29, 1942 in Tulsa, Oklahoma


was created in the 1940s by Kaiser's uncle and parents, Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany who settled in Oklahoma


He and his wife escaped to England in 1938, then emigrated to the United States


George's father, Herman had been a judge in Germany until 1935, when he was removed from his job by the Nazis because he was Jewish


It is the 23rd largest bank holding company in the U

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