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George Fox

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Net worth 2018: $18 Million
Residence: Leicestershire, Kingdom of England
Country: British
BirthDay: 1624
Died On: January 13, 1691

George Fox was bornon 1624 in Leicestershire, Kingdom of England, British, is Author. The 17th century was a period of tremendous social upheaval and resistance. There were two sections of society - one that supported the dissident movement and the others, who conformed to religious practices and looked to curb the revolution. George Fox, a dissenting preacher who opposed the Church of England, belonged to the former group of people. A man of grit, he agitated against the spiritual and radical authorities by offering an unfamiliar and obdurate attitude towards Christian faith. He often travelled around Britain and Europe trying to preach his thoughts, but was often met with resistance from the authorities who condemned his philosophies. He is best-remembered for forming the group called, ‘Friends of Truth’. They later came to be known as the ‘Society of Friends’ and eventually, ‘Quakers’. Despite being met with fierce resistance from religious groups and authorities, his followers expanded and he led a ministry, where his people were based in different parts of the world, preaching his ideologies and expanding the ‘Quaker’ movement. He was arrested on numerous occasions for his non-conformist practices, but that did not deter his spirit. Along with his friend and aide, William Penn, he established the American Quaker Colony of Pennsylvania and continued to preach till his last breath.


His relationship with his wife has been captured in a novel, ‘The Peaceable Kingdom: An American Saga’ and his life has also been rendered by James Harcourt in the 1941 film, ‘Penn of Pennsylvania’


As a result, he left home in 1643 and traveled to London in a confused, tormented state

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