Georg Stumpf, Jr.’s profile picture

Georg Stumpf, Jr.

Georg Stumpf, Jr.’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $2.93 Billion
Industry: Diversified
Residence: Vienna, Austria
Country: Austria

Georg Stumpf, Jr. was born in Vienna, Austria, Austria. Georg Stumpf, Jr. is #805 in List Billionaires People In The World. Georg Stumpf Jr. is an Austrian builder and investor. He started his Stumpf Group with a $35,000 loan from his father. Its biggest asset is M+W Group, a construction firm based in Stuttgart, Germany that specializes in high-tech design and construction for a variety of industries, including semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and solar energy. Revenues in 2015 were $3.2 billion The company operates in 30 countries and has approximately 6,000 employees. Stumpf Jr. is also an avid golfer.


$1.5 Billion


$2.93 Billion

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