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Francis Schaeffer

Theologian, Philosopher
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Net worth 2018: $700,000
Industry: Theologians
Residence: Philadelphia
Country: United States
BirthDay: 30 January 1912
Sigh: Aquarius
Died On: May 15, 1984

Francis Schaeffer was bornon 30 January 1912 in Philadelphia, American, is Theologian, Philosopher. Francis Schaeffer was an American Evangelical Christian theologian, philosopher, and Presbyterian pastor. He inspired a cohort of evangelicals and went on to change the face of evangelism. A brigade of different types of people, from flamboyant hippies to antagonistic children, came to confidence at his L’Abri study establishment in the country of the Swiss Alps. He was chiefly drawn in by the faction of evangelicals and urged them to step into the ‘pro-life’ camp. A ‘missionary to the intellectuals’, Francis Schaeffer was known to many people as ‘Saint Francis’. Throughout his early years, he struggled for a lot of things. From his preliminary years as a member of the clergy in the fundamentalist Bible Presbyterian Church to his altercation with wide-spread secularism and to the rage-filled posts to critics, he struggled personally and on the career front, on more than one occasion. His approach towards life was more archaic and directed to the Protestant faith than the one that involved theological liberalism. He intended to save the ‘lost Protestant culture’ by means of Christian apologetics. Today, he is best-remembered for his famed writings and his establishment, the ‘L’Abri’ community in Switzerland. As a man, Schaeffer is remembered by many of his contemporaries as someone who was extremely cynical, at times petulant and someone who suffered from spells of depression.


His discourse was collected and published as ‘Christian Faith and Human Rights’ from 1982 to 1983


In 1981, he authored ‘A Christian Manifesto’, which was a book that intended to provide a ‘Christian’ answer to the famous, ‘The Communist Manifesto’, published more than a century earlier


Of this extensive collection, the second book, ‘How Should We Then Live’, published in 1976, in the fifth volume, went on to become a huge success


Schaeffer: A Christian Worldview’In 1972, he authored ‘He Is There and He Is Not Silent’ and ‘Back to Freedom and Dignity’


This American Evangelical theologian and philosopher’s works are attributed with igniting political activism among evangelicals and fundamentalists in the 1970s and 1980s, particularly linked to abortion issues


In 1969, ‘Death in the City’, an apologetic work was published


In 1968, he went on to author the first of his theological books titled ‘The God Who Is There’ and ‘Escape from Reason’


Through the 1960s, he indulged himself in the works of Rousas John Rushdoony, which inspired his own ideals and beliefs


In an article written for ‘The Bible Today’, Schaeffer presented his views on apologetics and how he chose the best of both; presuppositionalism and evidentialism in his views, in 1948


In 1937, he was transferred to the Faith Theological Seminary and graduated from there the following year

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