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Fernando de la Rúa

Former President of Argentina
Fernando de la Rúa’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $145 Million
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Córdoba
Country: Argentine
BirthDay: 15 September 1937
Sigh: Libra
Education: National University of Cordoba

Fernando de la Rúa was bornon 15 September 1937 in Córdoba, Argentine, is Former President of Argentina. Fernando de la Rua is an Argentine politician who served as the President of Argentina from 1999 to 2001. He was born in Cordoba and studied at the Military Lyceum in the city before going on to study law at the National University of Cordoba. After completing his education, he entered politics by becoming a member of the Radical Civic Union and after a few years, he moved to the capital Buenos Aires as an advisor to a minister in the government. Following the presidential elections that took place in 1973, he became a senator but his stint as senator was short lived due to the coup that took place three years later. He worked as a lawyer for some time but went back to politics in 1983 and became a senator once again. Subsequently, he became the mayor of Buenos Aires and is credited for being responsible for urban development in the city. He was elected as the President of Argentina in 1999 but his stint did not last long as he had to resign due to his inability to control the riots that broke out in the country in 2001 due to the economic crisis.


$145 Million


He imposed a state of emergency but it proved ineffective and on 21 December 2001, he resigned from the presidency


On 10 December 1999 he was installed as the President of Argentina


In 1996, he was elected as the mayor of Buenos Aires and during his three year stint in that position; he brought about profound changes in the city


In 1994, the Argentine constitution was amended in order to allow President Menem to run for office once more and the amendment went through even though la Rua opposed it bitterly


In 1991, he was elected deputy and two years after that made his way to the senate


He won the re-election to the senate in 1989 but the electoral college opted for the Peronist candidate


After the end of the dictatorial regime, he returned to politics in 1983 and wanted to run for the presidency, but he lost in the UCR primaries


In 1976, there was a coup in Argentina and Fernando was removed from the Congress


In the general elections held in 1973, Fernando de la Rua became a senator by defeating Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo


Subsequently, in 1963, he went to Buenos Aires to take up the job of an advisor the minister Juan Palmero


Fernando de la Rua was born on September 15, 1937 in Cordoba, Argentina, to Antonia de la Rua and Eleonora Bruno

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