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Feargus OConnor

Chartist Leader
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Residence: United Kingdom
BirthDay: 18 July 1794
Sigh: Leo
Died On: August 30, 1855
Education: Trinity College, Dublin

Feargus OConnor was bornon 18 July 1794 in United Kingdom, , is Chartist Leader. Feargus O’Connor was the leading face of Chartist movement that claimed to restore the rights of the working class in the society. Despite being born in an Irish Protestant household, O’Connor despised power of the Church. He instead was a reforming landlord who believed in building a party that represented the interests of the working class. In his life, he succeeded in making Chartism the first specifically working class national movement. O’Connor jumped into mainstream Chartism by 1830s and found himself deeply engrossed in the movement. He was involved with the more radical side of the movement and was critical of moderate Chartist’s leaders William Lovett and Henry Hetherington. An influential orator with leadership skills, he travelled across the country organizing and addressing huge meetings. What made him an effective speaker was his ability to speak to the crowds in terms that they could understand and relate to. Highly charismatic, he was much admired for his assertiveness, energy and vivaciousness. Interestingly, of his six points’ charter that he constantly spoke about to working men’s organization, five of them were later embodied in People’s Charter. It was after the failure of his Land Scheme that O’Connor’s behaviour became increasingly erratic and irrational. His violent behaviour landed him in a mental asylum where he was declared insane. He breathed his last on August 30, 1855


He breathed his last on August 30, 1855 at his sister’s house in Notting Hill


The climax came in 1852 at the House of Common when he struck three MPs


By 1850, the company became completely bankrupt, resulting in significant losses to investors


He stood from Nottingham and served as the MP from 1847 to 1852


In 1845, he founded the Chartists Cooperative Land Company


During the early 1840s, O’Connor turned his attention to working people’s alienation from the land


It was hugely successful and by 1839, sold more than 48000 copies per week


In 1836, he joined the London Working Men’s Association


In the 1835 general elections, O’Connor was unseated from the parliament as he did not meet the property qualifications


Towards the mid-1830s, O’Connor toured the country campaigning for parliamentary reforms


In 1820, he inherited an estate from his uncle in Cork


Feargus O’Connor was born on July 18, 1794 to Roger O’Connor in Connorville house in West County Cork

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