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Emmanuel Macron

Current President of France
Emmanuel Macron’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $31.5 Million
Industry: Presidents
Residence: Amiens, France
Country: French
BirthDay: 21 December 1977
Sigh: Capricorn
Height: 1.75 m
Education: École nationale d'administration, Sciences Po, Lycée Henri-IV, Paris West University Nanterre La Défense

Emmanuel Macron was bornon 21 December 1977 in Amiens, France, French, is Current President of France. Emmanuel Macron is the current President of France, in office since 14 May 2017. Prior to running for the presidency, he had served as the Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs under Prime Minister Manuel Valls from 2014 to 2016. Formerly an investment banker, he joined politics in 2006 as a member of the Socialist Party (PS). A charismatic and astute personality, he rose rapidly in his political career and served as deputy secretary-general under François Hollande's first government in 2012 before proceeding to hold other significant positions in the Valls government. Born into a well-educated middle-class family, Macron studied Philosophy at the University of Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense before training for a senior civil service career at the École nationale d'administration (ENA). Following a stint as an Inspector of Finances in the French Ministry of Economy, he worked as an investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque. Entering politics in 2006, he soon caught the attention of Francois Hollande who took the young man as his protégé and groomed him for political greatness. In 2016 Macron founded En Marche!, an independent political party, and declared his candidacy for the French presidential election 2017. He won the presidential election on 7 May 2017 and assumed office as the President of France on 14 May 2017. Aged 39, Macron is the youngest person to ever be elected as President of France. Macron’s somewhat unconventional personal life has also attracted much media attention; he is married to Brigitte Trogneux, a lady 24 years his senior, who was his drama teacher in high school.


$31.5 Million


He formally assumed office as the President of France on 14 May 2017


After functioning as an independent politician for a few years, Emmanuel Macron launched his own political party, En Marche!, on 6 April 2016


Macron’s political career continued to flourish and he was appointed as the Minister of Economy and Finance on 26 August 2014, replacing Arnaud Montebourg, in the government under Prime Minister Manuel Valls


In 2012, Macron was selected for a senior position in President Hollande's staff—as deputy secretary-general of the Élysée


He left the party in 2009 and became an independent politician


In 2008, the ambitious young man received an offer to work as an investment banker at a highly-paid position at Rothschild & Cie Banque


In this position, he served as deputy rapporteur for the Commission to improve French economic growth headed by Jacques Attali in 2007


Meanwhile, Macron had also ventured into politics as a member of the Socialist Party (PS) in 2006


Emmanuel Macron landed a job as an Inspector of Finances in the French Ministry of Economy shortly after completing his studies in 2004


Emmanuel Macron was born on 21 December 1977 in Amiens, France, to Françoise (Noguès), a physician, and Jean-Michel Macron, professor of neurology at the University of Picardy

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