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Elena Baturina

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Net worth 2018: $1.19 Billion
Residence: London, United Kingdom
Country: Russia
BirthDay: 8 March 1963
Sigh: Aries
Children: 2
Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, State University of Management

Elena Baturina was bornon 8 March 1963 in London, United Kingdom, Russia. Elena Baturina is #1829 in List Billionaires People In The World. Russia's wealthiest woman, Elena Baturina, whose husband was the longtime mayor of Moscow, sold almost all of her assets including a construction company called Inteko and a cement factory in 2011. The Russian government seized land she owned in an exclusive area of Moscow. She filed a lawsuit in Russia, demanding $1 billion in compensation but didn't get anything. She now lives in London and invests mostly in real estate in other parts of Europe and the U.S. She owns hotels in Dublin, Austria, the Czech Republic as well as Russia and she bought two commercial properties in Brooklyn near the Barclays Center in 2015. She has also been putting money into solar energy projects in Southern Europe.


$2.9 Billion


$1.2 Billion


$1.1 Billion


$1.1 Billion


$1 Billion


$1 Billion


$1.1 Billion


$1 Billion


$1.19 Billion


Later on, the Government of the Russian Federation based its "Strategy of development of building materials industry up to 2020” on that program


The overall investment into the project will amount to EUR 40 million, and the completion of the construction is planned for 2019


She owns the "Veedern" horse breeding estate founded in the 18th century


In the 2017 ranking of The World’s Billionaires, published by Forbes on 20 March, Baturina with $1 billion remains for the 12th consecutive year the richest woman of Russia, and the only Russian female billionaire


In November 2016 Baturina’s structures launched a construction and development project in Europe


In 2015 due to her public activity Baturina was selected an international ambassador for the WE-Women social initiative set up during the World EXPO in Milan


Since 2014 Baturina has been developing a project to generate, use and market renewable energy in Europe


In 2013 the Sunday Times included Baturina into the annual Sunday Times Rich List, the list of the wealthiest people in Britain


In the recent years, Baturina has been realizing most of her philanthropic initiatives through the BE OPEN Foundation she set up in 2012


In April 2011, YElena Baturina donated about 40 pieces of art — a part of her collection of rare porcelain — to the "Tsaritsyno" museum in Moscow


In November 2010 Luzhkov gave an interview to the Telegraph newspaper stating that the couple were sending their daughters to study in London to protect them from possible persecution by the Russian authorities


According to magazine Finans, her wealth fell during the credit crunch to just US$1 billion in February 2009, causing her to ask the Russian government for a bailout for Inteko


The first "Russian Season" organized by Baturina took place in Kitzbühel, Austria in 2008 - that was a celebration of Russian Orthodox Christmas with classical Russian musicians and Russian folklore ensembles


Baturina has had no contacts with his brother since a public conflict on business issues that occurred in 2007 and resulted in mutual lawsuits, that later were settled


In 2006, Baturina assumed position of Deputy Head for the inter-ministerial group under the national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Russian citizens


On 13 October 2005, Inteco lawyer Dmitry Steinberg was shot at the entrance to his house


Baturina won the State Prize of the Russian Federation for Science and Technology in 2003


In 2002 Inteco created a subsidiary "Strategy Construction Company", whose main objective was the construction of monolithic buildings


In 2001 Inteco acquired from a private person the controlling stake in one of the leading house-building factories in Moscow DSK-3


However, according to experts, quoted by media, from 2000 to 2010 of construction activities Inteco's share in the state order was no more than 2%


From 1999 to 2005, Baturina served as President of the Equestrian Federation of Russia


In 1998 the company won the contract for producing 85,000 seats for Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow's largest stadium


In 1992 their older daughter, Yelena, was born, followed in 1994 by the younger, Olga


In the middle of 1990s Inteco entered the construction business focusing on development of advanced materials and technologies for facade work, cement, brick and poured concrete construction, architectural design and real estate business


In 1989 Baturina launched her first enterprise with her elder brother Victor, primarily dealing with software and hardware for computers


Baturina met her future husband, Yury Luzhkov, in 1987 when they were both serving at Mosgorispolkom, a Soviet-era municipal commission


Ordzhonikidze State University of Management in 1986


Yelena Nikolayevna Baturina (Russian: Еле́на Никола́евна Бату́рина; born 8 March 1963) is an international entrepreneur and philanthropist of Russian origin, currently based in London, UK

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