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Edwin Powell Hubble

Astronomer & Mathematician
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Net worth 2018: $800,000
Industry: Scientists
Residence: Marshfield, Missouri, USA
Country: United States
BirthDay: 20 November 1889
Died On: September 28, 1953

Edwin Powell Hubble was bornon 20 November 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri, USA, American, is Astronomer & Mathematician. Often cited as a ‘pioneer of the distant stars’, astronomer Edwin Hubble was one of the most important observational cosmologists of the 20th century. His meticulous study and research led to the discovery of a universe beyond Milky Way galaxy. He was also instrumental in creating a classification system for galaxies, known as Hubble’s sequence, which has been used for several decades. Though educated in law, Hubble had an interest in astronomy since a child. However, adhering to his father’s request, he did not take up its study until the latter’s death. Hubble’s career in astronomy flourished exceptionally. He played a pivotal role in deciphering the vast and complex nature of the universe. Through observation andresearch, he proved the existence of galaxies other than our own Milky Way. He also conducted the revolutionary work of finding a constant relationship between galaxies' redshift and distance, which helped to eventually prove that the universe is expanding. Additionally, he created a classification system for galaxies that has been used by other researchers for decades: the Hubble sequence.He was also instrumental in making the Nobel Prize Committee include astronomy in the field of physics, thus helping future astronomers gain recognition for their work in the field of astrophysics. Sadly, had Hubble not died suddenly in 1953, hemight have become eligible for that year's Nobel Prize in Physics.


To recognize and value the contributions he made to the field of astronomy, the United States Postal Service released a 41-cent stamp honoring Hubble on a sheet titled ‘American Scientists’ on March 6, 2008


He was assigned to the newly created 86th Division, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel


However, on September 28, 1953, a spontaneous blood clot in his brain led to cerebral thrombosis which cost him his life


Hubble suffered from a heart attack in July 1949 while on a vacation in Colorado


He penned the book, ‘The Observational Approach to Cosmology’ in 1937


In 1935, Edwin Hubble discovered asteroid 1373 Cincinnati


Hubble spent the better part of the 1930s determining the distribution of galaxies and theirspatial curvature


Together with Humason, Hubble published the research in 1929, theorizing that redshifts in galaxies' light emissionsmove at a linear rate to the distance between them


It was used by some scientists to support the Big Bang Theory, one of the most popular theories on the universe's origin, which was first suggested by Georges Lemaître in 1927


Edwin Hubble tied the nuptial knot with Grace Burke on February 26, 1924


Towards the mid-1920s, he partnered with Milton Humason and began conducting new researchon the galaxies' spectral shifts and unique distances


In 1919, Hubble accepted a staff position at the Carnegie Institution's Mount Wilson Observatory, near Pasadena, California


With the US declaration of war on Germany in 1917,Hubble volunteered to serve in the United States Army

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