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Edgar Savisaar

Estonian Politician
Edgar Savisaar’s profile picture
Net worth 2018: $156.5 Million
Residence: Harku Parish
Country: Estonian
BirthDay: 31 May 1950
Sigh: Gemini
Height: 1.66 m
Education: University of Tartu

Edgar Savisaar was bornon 31 May 1950 in Harku Parish, Estonian, is Estonian Politician. Edgar Savisaar who went on to become a prominent politician was born in a prison following his parents’ arrest. Fortunately his mother’s term in the prison ended when Edgar was still an infant and his childhood returned to normalcy. The young lad then received his primary as well as secondary education, and even completed his graduation. He found his true calling in politics, and even pursued a career in the field. Soon he proved his mettle, and was appointed to various prominent posts in his political career. Edgar has been elected as the Mayor of Tallinn more than once, which was considered an exceptional feat by many. Although he faced many controversies and accusations, he still managed to retain his supporters, and continued his political journey. This leader is confident and has been known for performing his duties efficiently. His leadership abilities even helped him become the first Prime Minister of Estonian Republic, after its independence was restored. A prolific writer, he has published many articles and even a few books. Much is not known about his personal life except for the fact that he married thrice, and his last wife is also an Estonian politician. To know more about his political profile, works, achievements and timeline read on


$156.5 Million


However, the couple declared to get divorced in the year 2009


Since 2007, Edgar has been serving another term as the Mayor of Tallinn


In the year 2005, he became the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonian Republic and served the post for the following two years


He was then handled the responsibility of being the Mayor of Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, during the period 2001-04


In 1996, he contested the ‘Riigikogu’ elections and was elected as the Chairman of the ‘Tallinn City Council’


During the period 1992-2001 he became a Member of 7th, 8th and 9th ‘Riigikogu’, the Estonian parliament


Estonia restored its independence and Edgar was elected as the first Prime Minister of Estonian Republic on 20th August 1991


In 1990, he was appointed as the Minister of Economic Affairs to the Estonian SSR


He was then appointed the deputy chairman of the ‘Supreme Soviet of Estonian SSR’ and also headed the ‘Planning Committee’ of the state during 1989-90


This politician served at ‘Mainor’, a consultation establishment, as a research director during 1988-89


He headed the Department of ‘National Planning Committee’ of Estonia SSR from 1985 to 1988


The party ‘Popular Front’ which was co-founded by Edgar in the 1980s moulded the ‘Singing Revolution’ and this phenomenon was instrumental in restoring the independence of Estonia as well as Latvia and Lithuania


Later he started pursuing his education at the ‘University of Tartu’ in history and graduated in 1973


Edgar was born to Elmar Savisaar and Marie Burešin on 31st May 1950

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